Alex Hern Comments About Tsunami XR And The Potential Of The VR Industry

Alex Hern is an entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience. During his career he focused on early stage companies as well as on incubation of tech companies. He is responsible for co-founding several companies such as Inktomi, which was the search engine technology for AOL, Yahoo and MSN), and Yesmail, an email marketing as well as web directory company – Yesmail ended up being acquired by CMGI for the price of $650 million. Hern also co-founded Military Commercial Technologies, Arcsight, CloudShield,, and Triton Network Systems. Arcsight was a cyber security company that went public and was purchased by Hewlett-Packard for the amount of $1.5 billion. He was also part of the board of Zero Knowledge Systems.

Hern’s current venture is Tsunami XR, a company formerly known as Tsunami VR – a company responsible for creating and distributing immersive XR software apps by utilizing virtual and augmented reality for the global market. Tsunami was co-founded by Hern alongside Dave Ross. Alex Hern currently serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, and in an interview he pointed out that cross-reality or XR is something that he wants to explore and also be at the forefront in the near future. He noted that advancements in AI and in machine learning in general are paving the way for things to come over the following decade. Hern believes that the next big leap forward will be cloud computing for the graphic-intensive applications and software.

According to Hern, the idea for Tsunami XR came about as he started considering the shift to GPU from CPU, and how it could revolutionize the spatial computing era. While researching the GPU processing, Hern identified ways to leverage capabilities that were only recently made possible via graphic processing advancements. He notes that he has always been focused on strong beginnings and points out that he believes that they are crucial to the sustained success of a business. He commented on the fact that VR was valued at approximately $6 billion only 2 years ago, and now the market experts are predicting that the VR industry will reach $200 billion by the year 2022.

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Is Dr. Jennifer Walden an Army of One?

An army of one is a force that progressively moves forward no matter the situation. Dr. Jennifer Walden represents what an army of one truly is. She has progressively moved forward in the field of cosmetic surgery. “I took many women’s studies and psychology classes, but I chose to work as a cosmetic surgeon,” said Walden. This woman has been practicing for over 13 years, and she has changed the lives of many women. Walden fully understands what her patients are seeking. This industry is male-dominated, but the majority of female patients aren’t seeking to replicate a Barbie-doll figure. A male’s perspective of the perfect female archetype is different, and Walden fully understands this to the highest degree.

“A woman’s body goes through many physical changes after childbirth, and many patients are unsatisfied with their asymmetrical body parts,” said Walden. Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center is the epitome of what a medical-aesthetics facility should be. This is a full-scale cosmetic practice that offer a myriad of cosmetic procedures such as cheek implant, tummy tuck, chemical peel, breast reduction, facelift, Botox, rhinoplasty, laser hair removal, acne treatments, medical-grade facials, vaginal rejuvenating and more. The options are nearly endless here, especially if you’re seeking a more youthful appearance.

In addition to her successful medical practice, Dr. Walden’s image has been presented in a number of health-related publications, including Self, Shape, Texas MD Magazine, Austin MD, Bridal Guide,, Refinery 29, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Teen Vogue, VIVE and Allure. To add a bit of insult to injury, she is the co-author of the textbook “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.”

Randal Nardone Is An Expert In Investment

Randal Nardone is an entrepreneur who has been described by many as a self-made billionaire. His dedication to excel in business has enabled him to join the coveted list of the most successful professionals around the world. Although he has excelled in finance, he pursued a different career at the university. Randal attended Boston University to study law, and after graduation, he started his career at Thacher and Wood Law Firm. He is a dedicated individual, and this made him land the top position in various organizations. He loved career as lawyer, but after learning about the financial industry, he decided to change his career. Today he has succeeded in finance, and he is helping others to succeed too. He has worked for several organizations like the Universal Bank of Sweden where he worked as the Managing Director. He has also worked at Blackrock Financial Management and became the principal at the company.

Randal Nardone started Fortress Investment Group with others in 1998, and since then, they have been working to ensure the company becomes successful. Today they have attracted many customers and created jobs for many individuals. They have been focusing on areas like hedge funds, private equity firm, credit funds, and asset management. The success of the firm is due to the excellent management of the three founders. They are all experienced in different fields, and they have worked their way to ensure they help others in making the best investment decisions. Fortress Investment Group has become a leading company because they strive to offer excellent services. Randal Nardone works with a dedicated team, and he leads by example. Those who work with him have learned a lot from the humble entrepreneur who is always ready to work with others and help where necessary.

Randal Nardone is a top leader at Fortress Investment Group and also provides legal services to the company. He has a strong background in law, and that makes him the best person in company. He has been guiding the executive in making the right decisions for the growth of the company. His leadership at Fortress Investment Group has been the best because he is not only experienced but also dedicated to his work.

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Reasons Why Freedom Checks Are The Future Of Investment

Every investment plan must have a legal bearing. Statute 26-F is the main reason why Freedom Checks are not only profitable but also a legal way to invest. Matt Badiali (the founder) has over the years worked in programs relating to natural resources. His new investment plan exploits Statute 26-F in the following aspects.

First, Freedom Checks are within the constitutional requirement of Statute 26-F. The investment is entirely on oil and gas within the USA borders. As part of the far-reaching scope of this investment plan, an investor in this investment plan fully commits money to production, processing, storage, and transportation of the natural resources specifically oil and gas. In return, the statue gives the investment the status of tax free investment.

In addition, the reason why the investment plan is tax-free is due it is compliance with the statue guidelines, which states that a large percentage of the profits be channeled, back to the USA economy. Bringing back the benefits is by paying investors is a form of Freedom Checks. These two sound setups (scope of investment and reward policy) set the investment apart from other best nvestment plans such as 401(k), IRA, Social Security, and Medicare.

What is the future of Freedom Checks? Unlike other investment options available in the USA, the checks are based on a universal and growing investment niche; oil and gas. Oil and gas according to Matt Badiali is one of the most stable investment niches around the world. When one invests in this particular niche, there is assurance of better financial returns. The oil and gas industry is, therefore, the future of stable investment.

Matt Badiali, who is the brain behind this revolutionary investment, is not a newbie in the investment niche. He is one of the most experienced oil and gas experts around the globe. Apart from having an education in natural resources, he has a better understanding of oil resources politics and its dynamics. Investing in the Freedom Checks, therefore, is not only profitable but is a well researched investment option. Besides, it is important to note that apart from this investment option, there are others 568 companies under the same Statute 26-F.

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Randal Nardone

Who is Randal Nardone?

Nardone is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He co-founded of Fortress Investment Group in 1998 and has been a part of it ever since it’s beginnings.

Randal Alan Nardone J.D. studied English and Biology at the University of Connecticut. After this, he got his J.D. at the Boston University School of Law. Top-of-the-line education was his first step toward success.

Randal Nardone was appointed to board of directors at Fortress in 2006. However, this is not the only company that he sits on the board for. He is also on the board of advisors or directory board at Brookdale Senior Living, Springleaf Holdings, New Residential Investment Corp, and Gagfah.

Nardone lives in New York City.

In 2007, Randal Nardone ranked #557 on the Forbes Billionaires List. It is clear that Nardone’s hard work at Fortress has paid off. The business has grown far beyond his expectations, especially in the past few years.

This past year, Fortress Investment Group was acquired by SoftBank Corp, a Japanese company. Randal Nardone said that he was optimistic about this deal, and he talked about how he hoped it would strengthen the company he created and worked so hard for. The expert management team, including Nardone, would remain in place after SoftBank’s acquisition. Fortress Investment Group will still continue to operate as an independent company. However, the added support of SoftBank is expected to increase their overall profits.

Fortress Investment Group manages around $41 billion of assets.

Fortress is based out of New York City, but has affiliate offices located all around the world. They are asset-based, and they strive to create profits for their investors over the long-term. Their knowledge of the industry is second-to-none. Their area of expertise is low-cost and low-risk investment options for their clients. It is clear they will continue to provide high-end services for the foreseeable future, thanks to the hard work by Randal Nardone and the SoftBank acquisition.

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GreenSky expands to new industries, adds more than 17,000 retailers

In the fintech industry, which has been rocked by high-profile scandals and the collapse of some of its largest players recently, GreenSky Credit continues to only get stronger with time. And this is not too surprising, given the history and talents of its founder, legendary entrepreneur David Zalik.

In 2018, GreenSky has continued to expand its offerings, reaching more than 17,000 retailer and contractor partners as well as moving into a number of new industries, such as dental, medical and siding. As GreenSky continues to expand, carrying out its long-term strategic plan, the company continues to surpass other lesser players within the fintech space. Some say that GreenSky Credit may soon be the largest representative among recent fintech startups, with rumors swirling of a possible IPO that could be worth as much as $10 billion.

No end to the ways in which nicer things are better than nasty things

One of the critical ways in which GreenSky radically differs from its wayward competitors, such as OnDeck and Lending Club, is in the company’s business model. Rather than trying to focus on upending centuries of lending best practices, trying to convert loafers and bums into productive citizens through the magic of NINJA loans and wishful thinking, David Zalik and his company have focused on going where there is proven value. As Kingsley Amos once said, there is no end to the ways in which nice things are better than nasty things. And this simple observation on the realities of compounding benefits and the error in trying to improve things that are fundamentally irredeemable is a lesson that Zalik instinctively took to heart.

That’s why he concentrated from the beginning on going after only prime borrowers who were almost certain to pay back their loans. Additionally, he sought out deals where there was genuine value being created on the project that the funds were used for, namely, the increase in the owner’s home price when the renovations for which the loans were issued were complete.

This business model has proven to be an excellent choice. And it is the main reason that GreenSky Credit has become the dominant player in the fintech industry.

Randal Nardone Is Optimistic Co-Founder Of The Fortress Investment Group

In 1998, Randal Nardone discussed with Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman. The agenda of the discussion was creating a new business. Nardone noted that businesses that major in financial investment and asset management are the most successful. Nardone told his partners that it would be better for them to leave the companies that they are currently working for and instead establish their own where they would work as the leaders and managers. They resigned from their jobs and formed Fortress Investment Group in the same year, 1998 and set their headquarters in New York City. Randal Nardone together with Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman became the principals of this company. However, Rob Kauffman was to be replaced by Peter Briger after he decided to start up his career.

Randal Nardone helped this firm in a million ways. He backed up the move to establish the firm for public trading and welcomed the selling out 8 percent of the firm to the public via the introduction of shares. Nardone is a visionary leader by himself, and he only accepts proposals that he is sure that they will be beneficial to their firm. He was recently appointed to be the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress. He emphasized on the provision of hedge funds, real estate and other securities to their customers. Randal also introduced various other investment options to their dear esteemed customers. He did this to generate more profit since he had studied one of the market trends. As one of the former member of Goldman Sachs, Nardone implemented his connections with the company to ensure that there are development and advancement in the company. This would, in turn, help them to be among the large private equity firm.

Randal Nardone is also among the most renowned people that have helped the company to sail through the economic crisis successfully from 2008 to 2009. In the 2000s tenure, Fortress Investment Group encountered one of the most severe economic disasters that have happened in recent history. He proceeded with business and traded with various other companies. The firm was able to stay afloat due to his hard work. The cooperation between the principals has enabled them to grow and expand their network. They attained tremendous success such that they posted assets worth 65 billion US Dollars.

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The Role Of Randal Nardone In The Progress Of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is one of the leading executive members at Fortress Investment Group who has played a critical role in the development of the company. As a co-founder, he has been involved in the daily operations of the company where he has implemented large number of policies, which have played a key role in the development of the organization. Here are some of the strategies that he has implemented with the aim of helping the company to dominate the financial industry.

• Investing in Discounted Assets

One of the main roles that Randal Nardone has done is ensuring that the company invests in the alternative asset industry. Most of these assets are available at discounted rates where the company acquires them at discounted rated. The company holds such assets and waits for an opportunity to sell the assets when they can attract high prices. The company refurbishes the assets so that they can fetch higher prices.

• Attracting Quality Personnel

It has proven to be a difficult task to run a company that operates in  financial industry due to the large and complex tasks involved. Companies in the financial industry have been trying to get quality employees to run the company in various departments. However, Randal Nardone was able to attract some of the most reliable individuals in the financial industry. Wes Edens and Peter Briger have proved to be important individuals in running the organization at various departments.

• Marketing the Company

Randal Nardone has played a key role in marketing the company to the point where it has the largest number of customers in the industry. Fortress Investment Group has been marketing itself through actions. The company has been formulating customized products to its customers with the aim of providing what they need. Offering personalized investment products has made the entity a darling of many investors.

• Minimizing Losses

The ability of a financial organization to avoid losses and uncertainties that are brought about by the market forces speaks volumes about the management of the entity. Randal Nardone has played a key role in helping Fortress Group to avoid losses by conducting financial forecasting which helps the company to predict how the market will behave.

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Sujit Choudhry Weighs In On Many Topics Including Data Protection:

Sujit Choudhry is a figure known as one of the world’s foremost experts with regard to the field of comparative law pertaining to constitution and politics. He is currently serving in the capacity of Guest Researcher with the acclaimed WZB Berlin Social Science Center. Sujit Choudhry is known as a prolific writer in terms of making sure that his ideas are put out there in regard to the topics that he is renowned in. He is the worlds most trusted authority figure for the topic of comparative constitutional law. He has an extensive list of published works that range from journals, book chapter and articles among others, see ( Over his long and distinguished career, Sujit Choudhry has travelled to over twenty nations across the globe in the capacity of a speaker and constitutional advisor. Along with his role as a guest speaker with WZB Berlin, he is also the director at the Center for Constitutional Transitions. His main focus in this posting is to increase the knowledge of the processes of constitution building. The center works diligently to work side by side with multilateral organizations as well as think tanks, more info on (

Sujit Choudhry has recently been speaking out on several interesting topics. These topics include speaking on the EU GDPR. During May of 2018, the GDPR law went into effect in the member states of the European Union, useful source on The law is in regard to data protection in regard to individuals or entities that process any data of a personal nature. Sujit Choudhry has been vocal about the legal implications that could be attached to this new law. Sujit really does express an opinion that this law has its merit and is a good jumping off point because of the overall implications regarding the protection of personal data. There will be challenges to this new statute, but time will tell how it plays out overall in the end, click

Talos Energy Acquisition

Talos Energy is one of the most independent gas and oil companies led by a team of experienced individuals with decades of experience in matters relating to offshore exploration and subsequent production of oil and gas. With deep water assets located in Gulf of Mexico, the firm boasts with expertise in exploring, exploiting, and optimizing its holdings by employing cutting-edge and innovative technologies.

The company is proud to have a cohesive group that has been working together for over a decade enabling the firm to gain a strong track record in addition to producing stellar results. With year after year of success, the firm went ahead to acquire Whistler Energy for $52 million, an acquisition that mostly bolstered the firm’s presence across the Gulf of Mexico.

While the purchase price of Whistler Energy stood at $52 million, the overall net cash for the whole acquisition stood at $14 million for Talos, a figure that represented an acquisition metric that was to stand at $9,333 per the net barrel of oil that is equivalent per day.


Since the acquisition of Whistler Energy, Talos Energy has gone ahead to increase its asset base. With the purchase, the company was able to add 16,494 acres to its asset base in addition to three blocks, namely Green Canyon 18, Ewing Bank 988, and the Green Canyon 60.

Besides, the acquisition meant the company would assume possession of another permanent production platform that’s situated at Block 18 of the Grand Canyon with a production capacity of close to 35,000 barrels of oil in a single day. The acquisition of Whistler Energy was a blessing of sorts to Talos Energy as production has never decreased.

Increased Presence in the Gulf of Mexico

With the firm’s latest acquisition, Talos Energy was able to improve and strengthen its name and presence in the Gulf of Mexico. Whistler Energy was a company well-known across the Gulf of Mexico. But with Talos going ahead and acquiring Whistler Energy, it was able to increase its presence in the Gulf of Mexico region that’s well known for its rich deposits of oil and gas.

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