JHSF Company- What you should know

JHSF is a Brazil-based company whose operations involve investing in real estates, shopping malls as well as gastronomy. The JHSF company was founded in 1972 by two partners Jose Roberto and Fabio alongside the other two partners. Throughout the company’s operations, JHSF has accumulated the market value of over 1.20 billion. The success has propelled JHSF into the leading real estate company in Brazil prioritizing in recurrent income assets in hotels, malls, and airports.

Since the beginning of the JHSF Company, it’s widely known due to its style of operations where the company concentrates on identifying new market opportunities. JHSF pioneers the innovation and ability to provide excellent solutions for all clients. The company works in four business units to ensure incorporation, construction, and execution of real estate services.

JHSF International mostly does its operations in Uruguay and the United States. Over the past years, the company has brought essential development in Uruguay through building residential real estate and developing the 815 at the Fifth Avenue in the United States. Besides, JHSF has won many awards such as the best company in Brazil and the Planned daring award, both in 2012.

It’s worth noting that a company requires competent managers for better results and profit conversions. In this case, the JHSF CEO Jose Auriemo Neto serves as both the chairman and the chief executive officer of the JHSF company. Auriemo Neto’s significant role in the company is to oversee the company’s interest in the hotel and build developments. Also, Neto administers the company’s retail portfolio and the group’s extensive shopping.

Initially, Fabio Auremo Neto took over the company’s management role at a time when JHSF only concentrated on incorporation and construction services. Later, Fabio expanded the company’s operations to shopping malls where there were high-income markets. JHSF company owns hotels and malls in Brazilian capital such as the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz. Besides, JHSF owns commercial buildings in different metropolises. Summing up, JHSF aims to concentrate on the high-income segment investing in acquiring recurring income and increasing their assets. So far the JHSF company has accumulated over $1.20 billion as income assets.

OSI Food Solutions is in a Great Place These Days

Consistent growth and a total commitment to serving its customers are the hallmarks of the business model at OSI Food Solutions. OSI, well known as one of the world’s largest food processing companies, has a history that goes back to the early twentieth century and is now an operation with facilities in 17 different countries around the world. OSI Food Solutions has always been about growth. First, this growth was within the company’s original area of Chicago, Illinois. Next, the firm expanded to cover the midwest before going national and then international. The international expansion of OSI Food Solutions started in the 1970s and it hasn’t slowed down since.

OSI company officials, food service icons such as Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald, have a commitment to continuing to fuel the company’s success with further growth. This growth greatly assists OSI in being able to serve its customer base at the highest level. The fact that OSI is committed to further expansion can be seen by the fact that the firm has made extra efforts in this area in recent years. There have been various types of growth that OSI has participated in since 2016. These types of growth include expansion, acquisitions and mergers.

On the expansion end of things, OSI Food Solutions has had several major ones since 2016. The expansion work done in Toledo, Spain has seen that particular facility double its chicken productions along with some other great expansions at the facility that improved security as well as employee experience. OSI also expanded operations in Chicago, Illinois when it purchases the former Tyson Food processing facility. This adds a second Chicago facility which is a huge boost for the company’s operations in that region. OSI officials have been absolutely thrilled with both of these great expansion projects.

On the acquisition end of things, OSI Food Solutions was on the move in Europe. The company gained control of the U.K.’s Flagship Europe and the Netherlands based Baho Food. These companies have now joined the OSI family and are looking forward to a bright future. Both companies are ideal fits for the OSI brand. Flagship has taken on the new name of Creative Foods Europe.

In terms of mergers, OSI Food has entered into a huge merger with the Australian poultry producer Turi Foods. This merger is absolutely huge for both companies and dramatically increases OSI’s presence in the country of Australia.


Paul Mampilly’s Rare Talent To Spot Rising And Promising Investment Opportunities

Paul Mampilly’s Rare Talent to Spot Rising and Promising Investment Opportunities

Paul Mampilly is an undisputed success resulting from hard work, a quick-witted perception of life and up-to-date information on his endeavors. While there are plenty of investors in United States, a few gain longstanding recognition through appraised public platforms such as television. Paul has featured on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and Fox Business for his expertise on Wall Street’s trading trends.

Paul’s success is more fascinating because after arriving to the United States from India, he quickly adopted to the fast life and high technology. He owns a Wall Street’s advisory firm, Profits Unlimited, which provides quality and routinely accurate guides to more than 130,000 clients. Paul Mampilly utilizes his preceding experience working for ING, Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust, a private Swiss Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. The investor also contributes his knowhow to the newspapers Winning Investor Daily, True Momentum, Extreme Fortunes, The $10 Million Portfolio and Rapid Profit Trader. He has an avid interest in rising technological money schemes such as the cryptocurrency, and regularly shares his supported views on his social media accounts.

Most recently, Paul Mampilly shared his perception on why the cryptocurrencies will continue experiencing a volatile market. He cautioned that while he normally advises clients to avoid the tumultuous investment, there is a tiny tweak to gaining benefits without losing actual money. In another news update, Paul revealed that crypto technology could be the next big thing in the medical field.

Paul Mampilly stated that block chain could ease recording and management of patients’ data, procession of bills and reduce the work overload in all medical centers. He is positive that crypto will be a big mining opportunity for prospective investors waiting on its merge to the medical world.

One of the ways crypto will benefit medicine is with the development of electronic pills. The digitized pills could help track effectiveness of drugs through digital sensors that indicate signals to a phone app. The pill will also alert a doctor in case the patient misses a dosage. According to Paul, investors will greatly benefit from buying e-pill stock after its official launch. The investor continues to research on little upcoming investment opportunities and extends his perception and anticipation to his subscribers.

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Ted Bauman: Why Diversification Is Key When Planning Your Retirement

No matter what you do, you will not have the strength to do it some days to come. This means you need to plan for what will happen to you at that time. You won’t be in that business or office forever. Planning for your retirement is crucial now that retirement is inevitable. However, planning for it isn’t enough. Your retirement plan should bring out the protection aspect. If the plan doesn’t seem to protect you in your retirement days, you should do away with it and adopt a better one. Most entrepreneur advisors like Ted Bauman have observed that many people come to realize they didn’t do something right when retirement is already here with them. Some of the errors people make when planning for their retirement become costlier than they thought.

Ted is one person you need to stay close to if you want to plan your retirement in the best way possible. His knowledge of retirement and its demands is something he has widely read about and experienced as well. Most of the entrepreneurial opinions he gives doesn’t just come from the materials he has read or his educations background, but also from his real-life experiences. He says many people go looking for jobs when they should be enjoying their retirement because of poor planning. Retirement planning is one of the topics Ted Bauman has widely shared through some of the popular social media platforms.

As a reputable and experienced Banyan Hill editor, Ted helps people to choose investments with low risks and security guarantee. His publishing company has become something most investors from any part of the world esteem. Ted Bauman says it’s hard to plan for your retirement well if you don’t embrace diversification. As any other respected financial guru would put it, you must look deeper when planning your retirement. Making great investments without a convincing retirement plan makes your golden days most regrettable. Most people embezzle the resources they get from their investments because they don’t have a viable retirement plan.

According to Ted Bauman, investing in other countries is a great idea. It’s not wise to put all your investments in one place. The solid advice Ted gives shows many people make a mistake when they assume their investments would remain safe forever. Although stocks would help you gain some retirement funds, Ted advises people not to depend on them alone. He says they should use other assets to fund their retirement. If people embraced diversification, they would make their retirement solid and enjoyable.

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Are More Legit Than They Get Credit For

Often the little-known perks of the investment world carry the biggest payout. This is why Matt Badiali is such a trusted source of investment information. He knows the ins and outs of the natural resource market and is aware of the tiny perks that bolster profit. He is also dedicated to sharing those perks with average investors who just want to make good. Freedom Checks are such a perk, and Badiali has been working hard to tell as many as he can about them. Many have seen his video ads, or heard radio commercials, but few truly understand what Badiali is offering. This is the skinny on what is really behind Badiali’s freedom checks.

A freedom check is a return of capital payment. Capital is of course the money companies’ source from investors. So, what is Badiali trying to get people invested in? Natural resource companies that operate as MLPs. A master limited partnership is a tradeable stake in a business. The stake affords said business working capital as investors pay to own one. Each stake represents a percentage in the company, not unlike a stock. As these stakes have a tradeable quality, they allow the companies selling them to operate like legitimate partnerships. MLPs also affords the company a significant tax break. They will only be taxed on 10% of their revenue as long as they distribute 90% to their stakeholders. This means that anyone who has purchased an Master Limited Partnership will receive monthly to quarterly return of capital payments. The money paid will relate to the percentage owned but will also be higher than the money originally invested.

This is the truth behind freedom checks. Many believe Badiali’s investment opportunity to be a scam. This is because so many other scammers have offered the same financial freedom Badiali offers. In this case it is a legitimate investment, granting the same kind of return one receives from successful stock. Many natural resource companies use MLPs, and the opportunity to become a stakeholder can be achieved for as low as $10. Freedom checks are worth the consideration if not a genuine look.

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Gareth Henry is Changing Lives for the Better

Gareth Henry has come a long way, literally. Mr. Henry came from Jamaica in 2008 to make Canada his new home after suffering persecution in Jamaica for years. Jamaica is one of 76 countries in which same sex relationships are against the law. Gareth Henry has many stories of friends and fellow gay community members being beaten or killed for their sexual preference. During his time in Jamaica Gareth was a huge supporter of the LGBTQ community actively protesting the laws against the gay community.

Gareth Henry was beaten three times before going into hiding within the country of Jamaica. A year into hiding, a police officer knocked on his car window and told him that now that they found Gareth Henry, he would be dead soon. Mr. Henry applied for entry into Canada and made it safely the next year. Mr. Henry’s family and partner also made their homes in Canada. His family was forced out of Jamaica and relocate due to their support of Gareth.

Now Mr. Henry works for the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation as an interm director. When not working, Gareth donates all his extra time to the “Rainbow Railroad” a non profit that works much like the Undergroud Railroad did. Rainbow Railroad works to relocate LGBTQ people from countries in which they are still undergoing persecution. It was through his work with the Rainbow Railroad that Gareth has helped relocate 60 people in the year 2016 and has plans to keep continuing his efforts.

Rightfully Gareth believes that ultimately the goal is to change legislation in these countries and Jamaica is making some slow progress. There is change happening in little ways, but Gareth Henry believes that politicians need to inact real policies in legislation and offering to help bolster the LGBTQ public image in these countries. Until that time happens, Mr. Henry will continue his important work to ensure the safety of his fellow man.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gareth_Henry

Let’s Take a Look At Vijay Eswaran

Entrepreneur turned philanthropist turned author, Vijay Eswaran is a pioneer of tremendous business acumen. Though the beginnings of his entrepreneurial journey portended a bleak future, Eswaran didn’t yield to the hardships that burdened him. In fact, as an attempt to plaster egg on his naysayer’s faces, Eswaran defied the odds stacked against him by making his claim to fame as a successful entrepreneur. Now the founder and CEO of a wildly successful corporation, QI Group of Companies, Eswaran’s regarded as a businessman of extensive industry know-how. Unfortunately, Eswaran’s reputation still lingers in the shadows of controversy, and he’s got none other than his former colleagues to resent for that.

As Eswaran was steadily ascending through the ranks of his trade, his previous business partners begrudged him his success. In the hopes of dismantling his illustrious career, they filed a shareholder dispute, subsequently leading to Eswaran’s brief incarceration. Though Eswaran was absolved of all alleged transgressions, the damage had already been done, and his name was sufficiently tarnished. Fortunately, Eswaran plunged ahead, vowing to focus on the opportunities that awaited him rather than the past that haunted him. Resilience is among one of Eswaran’s most admirable qualities, and it’s undoubtedly responsible for his ongoing entrepreneurial triumphs.

Currently, Vijay Eswaran is exalted by the progress of his University in Malaysia. Created as a means of furnishing the less fortunate with ample opportunity, Eswaran’s University underscores his altruistic disposition. Within the foreseeable future, Eswaran plans on bolstering the community’s infrastructure. From shopping malls and parks to hospitals and residential blocks, Eswaran has some lofty goals for his enterprise. What’s more, he has aspirations of creating a “green campus” that both upholds and promotes an eco-friendly environment. Some features he’d like to implement are solar-powered residents and electric buggies for transportation.

David Mcdonald Patience

David McDonald is a man that has been with OSI food group for the longest time. he was there when it has moderate success all the way till now when it is a global company. David McDonald grew up on a farm in Iowa. he attended Iowa State University where he got a bachelor’s degree in animal science. he was such a good student that he received the Wallace E Barron outstanding senior award. he became a member of OSI interning while Sheldon Lavin was in charge. He is now president and CEO of one of the United States largest privately held company.

Today OSI group is a global enterprise, with wide varied operations round the world. This includes over 20,000 employees at over sixty-five facilities in seventeen countries. in the 2016 Forbes list of largest private U.S. companies, it had been estimated to possess a net value of $6.1 billion – ranking it number 58.

In recent years McDonald has played a big role in OSI’s important growth in China. He additionally was a key role in OSI’s acquisition of Baho Foods (a Dutch food company manufacturing deli meats and snacks for the European food service and retail sectors) and Flagship Europe (now inventive Foods Europe, a supplier of high-quality made-to-order products). McDonald is an expert in food production supply, with a large amount of expertise working with governmental agencies, local suppliers, and retailers across many international borders. All of those locations are a long way from the fields of northern Iowa for David McDonald. He has been with the company for over 30 years and has stood the test of time with it. David McDonald develop his knowledge alongside this company and it has really paid off for him and it. He is an example of what patience and loyalty can do.

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CEO Sheldon Lavin’s Accomplishments At OSI Group

Up until his early 40s, Sheldon Lavin was a financial advisor. It was in the early 1970s that he was brought on board Otto & Sons who needed help from him. They were a supplier of beef patties to McDonald’s Corporation, one of more than a hundred across the nation. The advent of frozen beef technology meant that McDonald’s could pare this number down to four companies. They wanted Otto & Sons to be one of them.

However, Otto & Sons would need to build a new food processing facility in order to close this deal. They couldn’t afford to build this facility and so Sheldon Lavin was hired to find them a lending partner and provide other financial assistance. He was able to get them a loan and clear up some other financial matters in relatively short order.

After this matter was resolved the management team at Otto & Sons knew they needed Sheldon Lavin to make this company successful. They convinced him to join the company, now named OSI Group, as an owner of the company and as its Chief Executive Officer and chairman. Since that time he has ably led this company into becoming a global powerhouse.

When Sheldon Lavin was brought on board OSI Group just supplied frozen beef in the Midwest. He expanded the company nationally and then into the rest of North America. Today it supplies food around the world including Europe, the UK, Australia, South Africa, and Asia. His leadership has resulted in a company that can provide its customers with highly customized processed food that is delivered to them through a global supply chain.

Sheldon Lavin is credited with being a very smart businessman. He says that he put together a great team who he feels very comfortable delegating duties to. He says that collaboration and teamwork are what makes his company very successful and he encourages a family-like atmosphere. He also says that making sure his company stays on top of changing consumer tastes and incorporating the latest technology in the food processing plants are also key to the success of OSI Group around the world.

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Key lessons for success from Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is now a retired pediatric surgeon. He has spent 47 years of his career life in medicine treating young adults and children. He is a successful professional who served patients with care. His wish has always been to see his patients live healthy lives. He combined hard work and innovativeness to build a career that lives a legacy that will last for many years.


The life story of Dr. Saad Saad is amazing. The challenges he had to overcome so that he could become a successful surgeon are countless. He never had a +-ng to the United States that he had a reprieve.


Dr. Saad was born in Palestine at a time the country was engaged in political tussles with Israel. The State of Israel had just been established and had caused tension in West Bank as many Palestinians were forcefully displaced. His family was affected by the displacements and had to look for a new home. Their father moved them to Kuwait where the environment was peaceful.


The challenges he met during this time hardened his spirit of hard work. He decided that he would pursue something that would secure the future for his family. His father always reminded him that he needed to pursue higher education as it was the only option that offered them some hope of getting out of the abject poverty.


Dr. Saad Saad took the advice of his father seriously and worked hard in school. He initiated efforts to pursue higher education, a decision he is proud of to date. He lives by one principle that “when you have a chance, never wait for tomorrow to utilize it.” This principle enabled him to decide to pursue further education. Another thing he knew was that work ethic is so important in the accomplishment of career goals. He made sure that he used most of the hours in a day doing something to improve on his status.


When Dr. Saad Saad got an opportunity to immigrate to the United States, he set his mind on becoming a Board-certified Pediatric Surgeon. In a few years after moving there, he got the certification, a rare achievement at the time. Dr. Saad was an exceptional talent such that in the 1980’s, he was the only US Board Certified Pediatric Doctor who was fluent in both Arabic and English. He even received a job offer from the Saudi Royal Family who hired him as a private pediatric surgeon. While in Saudi Arabia he was responsible for the treatment of complex medical conditions among the children.


Dr. Saad Saad is clearly a man who never lets opportunities pass without action. The success and innovations he has made are a result of hard work. Learn more : https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md