Ryan Seacrest; the Influential Man of Many Hats

The summer holidays are over and this ushers the second season of “Live with Kelly and Ryan” is back! On giving his thoughts about how the first season went down, Ryan Seacrest mentioned that his best take home was the fact that he made the right decision. His audience applauded this while his co-host Kelly was all smiles at this feedback.

Ryan Seacrest mentioned that he expects so much in the second season. He together with his co-host will have some big shots in the show. Some of the people expected to show up include Jake Shears, Jennifer Garner, and Mathew McConaughey. The month of September is said to be packed with excitement for the fans. The producer of the show has promised “Livetember” this is to say that the show will host a string of live festivities, guests and music acts during the month.

The morning talk show ganged up with Guinness World Records and came up with “Record Breaker Week.” The following are the shows featured on a Record Breaker Week:

  • Live with Breaking Records
  • Record Breaker Tuesday
  • Record Breaker Wednesday
  • Record Breaker Thursday
  • Record Breaker Friday

Other than being a host on the “Live with Kelly and Ryan” show, Ryan also works as a host on the American Idol show which rebooted last spring. He mentioned his affection for the show and the significance it brings to his career. American Idol has successfully aired 15 seasons.

Ryan Seacrest also has his foundation, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that inspires the youths using entertainment and initiatives that are focused on education. The foundation plans to build broadcast media centers called Seacrest Studios. These will be in pediatric hospitals to allow patients to explore the creative scenarios in the media.

The man with many hats, Ryan Seacrest, also runs the Ryan Seacrest Distinction, which is a major menswear lifestyle brand. It was birthed in 2014 and is focused on delivering value to men’s clothing and accessories. He also hosts “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”. This is rated as one of the top 40 radio shows in Los Angeles. Ryan is one of the most influential and well-known personalities in the entertainment sceneries.

Talos Energy : The Takeover Of The Gulf Of Mexico

It is said that mother nature discriminates against no one, not even CEO of Talos Energy Tim Duncan. After two days of nonstop rain and wind from Hurrican Harvey, Tim Duncan’s Kingwood, Texas hometown was overcome with over 6 feet of floodwaters. Duncan and his family were then forced to evacuate via FEMA rescue boat.

Although the flood would have been a bad enough situation for anyone, for Tim Duncan it was more than just an inconvenience, it could have cost his company a huge opportunity to grow. Tim Duncan was in the midst of working on a $2.5 billion merger deal that would see Talos Energy taking over a recent bankrupt Stone Energy Corporation. The merger would mean that Talos Energy would be able to become a public entity without having to go into an expensive public offering.

Not wanting to use the flood as an excuse to give up or produce poor results, Duncan would take shelter in his mothers Houston home (one of the few dry spots in Houston) and continue his work from the homes dining room table. A few months later in May, Tim Duncan and Stone Energy reached a deal to a merger. Tim Duncan would now lead a company with almost $900 million in annual revenue and most of its assets in the Gulf of Mexico. Although contrary to many experts stating that the Gulf is a very risky area to own platforms, Duncan knew that the $700 million in debt compared to its $2.3 billion in assets was enough of an offset to move forward with the merger. It is often said that Talos Energy tends to take over projects with high risk, though this is merely a mirror characteristic of its Chief Executive Officer Tim Duncan. In fact, managing director of Citi Jerry Schretter has stated publicly “For Tim, crises are an opportunity.”

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How Does Paul Mampilly Help The Average Citizen Make A Fortune In The Money Markets

Paul Mampilly always had his eyes set on the banking and investments industry. He would take a long career path getting here, starting off as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust Company. When BTC was acquired by Deutsche Bank, he was promoted to a research assistant position. The skills acquired would come in handy during his stay at Kinetics Asset Management where he helped raise the hedge funds’ managed assets base from $6 Billion to $25 Billion.

The Montclair State University graduate was, however, not content with the over-concentration of wealth on Wall Street. He set out on the ‘Taking the Wall Street to the Main Street’ caravan through which he hopes to dismantle Wall Street‘s dominance of the stock and money markets. Paul’s movement has since gained traction with the entry of more like-minded trading experts who seek to help the ordinary citizen make a fortune in these markets by giving out free investment tips. But how does he achieve this?

Through journals and publications

Currently, Paul Mampilly is a senior editor at Banyan Hill publishers, an online publication that shares free marketing tips to its audience. Here, together with a team of equally experienced traders, Paul analyses the best-performing stocks and money markets.

However, unlike in his hedge fund days where he would only share this information with his company’s investors, he publishes them for all to see on the Banyan Hill journal. The team will also give advice on how to invest in either of these markets, possible risks and potential rewards in a bid to help the average American make a more informed investment decision.

Forecasts and tips on his websites

Paul Mampilly runs a personal website and blog that keeps tabs with what he believes to be the best investments either in the long or short term. His tips on these sites focus on market forecasts and have also gone a long way in helping his followers reap big from their well-informed decisions based on his advice.

Television and podcasts

The openness, expertise, and accuracy in forecasting market trends have turned Paul Mampilly into a media sensation. He has become a regular guest for most business news TV shows and nationally broadcasted investment podcast. For instance, he has appeared on CNBC, Fox Business News, Kiplinger’s, and Bloomberg TV.

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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade: 11 Years of Revolutionizing the Brazilian Automotive Industry

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is the founder, Board of Directors of CAOA’s Chairman and a reputable physician. Dr. Carlos started his career in 1979 when a Ford Landau he ordered was not delivered because the dealership he ordered the car from went bankrupt. He proposed to be given the bankrupt dealership as compensation for the pre-payment he made for the Landau. The dealership was passed to him and he established it to become the largest Ford dealership in Latin America in just six years.

CAOA became the exclusive importer of Renault cars in the country in 1992. The company promoted the sales of Renault cars considerably. The company ceased to represent Renault when it took back the importing right and consequently, the car sales dropped significantly. In 1998, CAOA moved on to import Subaru and as a result, Subaru sales tripled in less than a year. In 1999, CAOA made Hyundai a leader in car importation with the Tucson model.

In 2006, CAOA maintained its command as the largest Ford dealer as well as Subaru and Hyundai brands exclusive importer and distributor in Brazil. In 2007, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade launched Hyundai CAOA Automobile Plant S/A, the first Hyundai Plant in Brazil. By establishing the multimillion enterprise, he made his dream come true and as a result, he received “Entrepreneur of the Year in Industry,” by the successful IstoE Dinheiro Magazine.

Dr. Carlos and his company’s environmental efforts saw him awarded “Good doer Company” by IstoE Dinheiro magazine. For three consecutive years, the company was honored with “Most Admired” by Carta Capital magazine. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was also honored with “Distributor of the Year” title by Hyundai Motor Company making it the first Hyundai dealer outside Europe to receive the award.

The success of the company is attributed to a great marketing strategy and importation of desirable cars. In 2012, CAOA Group added HB20 model to its long line of imported cars. In 2013, it brought Santa Fe and ix35 Flex to Brazil. The ix35 Flex was produced in a USD$300 million investment at Annapolis factory. One year later, Brazilian consumers were introduced to Elantra.

The company was ranked number one in the Client Satisfaction Ranking in 2014 while pursuing its goals of customer satisfaction and introducing new cars to the market. One year later, it inaugurated the Research and Energy Efficiency Center (CPEE) in Annapolis. Celebrating about 11 years of investing, growing and success in the industry, CAOA has won many awards and entered into venture partnerships maintaining it a titan in the importation, manufacturing and distribution of desirable and high quality vehicles.

Alex Hern Comments About Tsunami XR And The Potential Of The VR Industry

Alex Hern is an entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience. During his career he focused on early stage companies as well as on incubation of tech companies. He is responsible for co-founding several companies such as Inktomi, which was the search engine technology for AOL, Yahoo and MSN), and Yesmail, an email marketing as well as web directory company – Yesmail ended up being acquired by CMGI for the price of $650 million. Hern also co-founded Military Commercial Technologies, Arcsight, CloudShield, NewHomes.com, and Triton Network Systems. Arcsight was a cyber security company that went public and was purchased by Hewlett-Packard for the amount of $1.5 billion. He was also part of the board of Zero Knowledge Systems.

Hern’s current venture is Tsunami XR, a company formerly known as Tsunami VR – a company responsible for creating and distributing immersive XR software apps by utilizing virtual and augmented reality for the global market. Tsunami was co-founded by Hern alongside Dave Ross. Alex Hern currently serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, and in an interview he pointed out that cross-reality or XR is something that he wants to explore and also be at the forefront in the near future. He noted that advancements in AI and in machine learning in general are paving the way for things to come over the following decade. Hern believes that the next big leap forward will be cloud computing for the graphic-intensive applications and software.

According to Hern, the idea for Tsunami XR came about as he started considering the shift to GPU from CPU, and how it could revolutionize the spatial computing era. While researching the GPU processing, Hern identified ways to leverage capabilities that were only recently made possible via graphic processing advancements. He notes that he has always been focused on strong beginnings and points out that he believes that they are crucial to the sustained success of a business. He commented on the fact that VR was valued at approximately $6 billion only 2 years ago, and now the market experts are predicting that the VR industry will reach $200 billion by the year 2022.

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Is Dr. Jennifer Walden an Army of One?

An army of one is a force that progressively moves forward no matter the situation. Dr. Jennifer Walden represents what an army of one truly is. She has progressively moved forward in the field of cosmetic surgery. “I took many women’s studies and psychology classes, but I chose to work as a cosmetic surgeon,” said Walden. This woman has been practicing for over 13 years, and she has changed the lives of many women. Walden fully understands what her patients are seeking. This industry is male-dominated, but the majority of female patients aren’t seeking to replicate a Barbie-doll figure. A male’s perspective of the perfect female archetype is different, and Walden fully understands this to the highest degree.

“A woman’s body goes through many physical changes after childbirth, and many patients are unsatisfied with their asymmetrical body parts,” said Walden. Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center is the epitome of what a medical-aesthetics facility should be. This is a full-scale cosmetic practice that offer a myriad of cosmetic procedures such as cheek implant, tummy tuck, chemical peel, breast reduction, facelift, Botox, rhinoplasty, laser hair removal, acne treatments, medical-grade facials, vaginal rejuvenating and more. The options are nearly endless here, especially if you’re seeking a more youthful appearance.

In addition to her successful medical practice, Dr. Walden’s image has been presented in a number of health-related publications, including Self, Shape, Texas MD Magazine, Austin MD, Bridal Guide, Glam.com, Refinery 29, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Teen Vogue, VIVE and Allure. To add a bit of insult to injury, she is the co-author of the textbook “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.”


Guilherme Paulus Will Inaugurate A New Luxury Hotel In São Paulo

Guilherme Paulus is known by the media and the Brazilian people for his success as a businessman in the tourism industry. As a co-founder of the tourism operator CVC Operadora y Agencia de Viagens S.A Paulus achieved success in his twenties and has kept on succeeding with each additional business venture.

Paulus is an important name in Brazil, and the entrepreneur has the ability to affect the tourism market. Due to his high success in the tourism market, it was not unusual to see Guilherme Paulus enter the hotel business.

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Even after earning a large sum of money that was estimated at $420 million with the sale of shares of CVC to the Carlyle Group, Guilherme Paulus continues to work hard as chairman of CVC Operadora y Agencia de Viagens S.A and as a board member and president of GJP Hotels and Resorts. GJP purchased an iconic building in São Paulo and will inaugurate a luxury hotel there. It is the same building where the DPZ advertising agency was located on the Avenida Cidade Jardim.

The hotel will be completed sometime between 2020 and 2021. It will include 65 apartments, a rooftop space with a restaurant and event space. We do not know which flag will grace the luxurious property, except that the intention is to create a new brand that is not in the GJP group and beyond São Paulo, they might also think of using a flag for Rio de Janeiro, similar to the luxurious Emiliano hotels.

With Guilherme Paulus’ high standards and attention to detail, it is expected that the new hotel will meet the same standards and expectations of GJP’s other luxury hotels. GJP’s top luxury hotels are located in the Serra Gaúcha: Saint Andrews Gramado and Wish Serrano Resort. Other brands used by the GJP group are Prodigy and Linx.

Learn more about Guilherme Paulus: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/186005/hotel-da-rede-de-guilherme-paulus-ganha-premio-de-%E2%80%9Cmelhor-resort-para-familias-da-america-do-sul%E2%80%9D

EOS Lip Balms: The Best Balm to Have!

Make-up and cosmetics have been a trend that almost every single person has been on and people have been extremely attracted to beautification and beauty products. And for makeup and cosmetics beginners, it can be quite difficult and full of hassle to find the right products for you. Here is where make up video blogs come in – contrary to written blogs, video blogs are more fun to watch and are generally more entertaining than your traditional beauty blogs.

One of the most basic make up products that a beauty enthusiast would own – are lip balms. Lip balms are one of the essential products that you would own if you are a dedicated beauty vlogger – but with all the products in the market, it’s quite confusing what to buy. Here’s where your beauty vloggers come in – to help you choose which products to buy: and one of the most recommended by beauty gurus are EOS Lip Balms.

EOS Lip Products have been a staple name in the beauty industry – declaring and defining their products as high-quality and reasonably affordable products. The service that their products give their consumers are more of its price-worth that’s why their products are well patronized by the consumers.

A review by Brooke Miccio, proves that EOS Lip Balms are the products you should get for best care for your lips. Not only are they the best for daily use, and being used on their own. But, they are also best for priming your lips – before using your main lip products. They are the best from protecting your lips from drying out and dehydrating and worse of all, lip chapping! EOS Lip Balms have proven to be the most hydrating and moisturizing lip balms on the market right now. That is why they have the best reviews on the internet.

Randal Nardone Is An Expert In Investment

Randal Nardone is an entrepreneur who has been described by many as a self-made billionaire. His dedication to excel in business has enabled him to join the coveted list of the most successful professionals around the world. Although he has excelled in finance, he pursued a different career at the university. Randal attended Boston University to study law, and after graduation, he started his career at Thacher and Wood Law Firm. He is a dedicated individual, and this made him land the top position in various organizations. He loved career as lawyer, but after learning about the financial industry, he decided to change his career. Today he has succeeded in finance, and he is helping others to succeed too. He has worked for several organizations like the Universal Bank of Sweden where he worked as the Managing Director. He has also worked at Blackrock Financial Management and became the principal at the company.

Randal Nardone started Fortress Investment Group with others in 1998, and since then, they have been working to ensure the company becomes successful. Today they have attracted many customers and created jobs for many individuals. They have been focusing on areas like hedge funds, private equity firm, credit funds, and asset management. The success of the firm is due to the excellent management of the three founders. They are all experienced in different fields, and they have worked their way to ensure they help others in making the best investment decisions. Fortress Investment Group has become a leading company because they strive to offer excellent services. Randal Nardone works with a dedicated team, and he leads by example. Those who work with him have learned a lot from the humble entrepreneur who is always ready to work with others and help where necessary.

Randal Nardone is a top leader at Fortress Investment Group and also provides legal services to the company. He has a strong background in law, and that makes him the best person in company. He has been guiding the executive in making the right decisions for the growth of the company. His leadership at Fortress Investment Group has been the best because he is not only experienced but also dedicated to his work.

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Reasons Why Freedom Checks Are The Future Of Investment

Every investment plan must have a legal bearing. Statute 26-F is the main reason why Freedom Checks are not only profitable but also a legal way to invest. Matt Badiali (the founder) has over the years worked in programs relating to natural resources. His new investment plan exploits Statute 26-F in the following aspects.

First, Freedom Checks are within the constitutional requirement of Statute 26-F. The investment is entirely on oil and gas within the USA borders. As part of the far-reaching scope of this investment plan, an investor in this investment plan fully commits money to production, processing, storage, and transportation of the natural resources specifically oil and gas. In return, the statue gives the investment the status of tax free investment.

In addition, the reason why the investment plan is tax-free is due it is compliance with the statue guidelines, which states that a large percentage of the profits be channeled, back to the USA economy. Bringing back the benefits is by paying investors is a form of Freedom Checks. These two sound setups (scope of investment and reward policy) set the investment apart from other best nvestment plans such as 401(k), IRA, Social Security, and Medicare.

What is the future of Freedom Checks? Unlike other investment options available in the USA, the checks are based on a universal and growing investment niche; oil and gas. Oil and gas according to Matt Badiali is one of the most stable investment niches around the world. When one invests in this particular niche, there is assurance of better financial returns. The oil and gas industry is, therefore, the future of stable investment.

Matt Badiali, who is the brain behind this revolutionary investment, is not a newbie in the investment niche. He is one of the most experienced oil and gas experts around the globe. Apart from having an education in natural resources, he has a better understanding of oil resources politics and its dynamics. Investing in the Freedom Checks, therefore, is not only profitable but is a well researched investment option. Besides, it is important to note that apart from this investment option, there are others 568 companies under the same Statute 26-F.

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