Hussain Sajwani: A Reliable And Trustworthy Name In Real Estate Business In UAE

Hussain Ali Sajwani is a citizen of the UAE and born in 1956. He is the Founder/Chairman of the worldwide company in property development known as DAMAC Properties. Hussain Sajwani is a pioneer of expansion the property market in UAE. In mid-90’s, he built numerous hotels to adjust people who are coming to the UAE to make trade and business.

As a wise investor and entrepreneur, Hussain Sajwani holds a proven track record of fruitful forays in the worldwide capital and equity markets.

He presently holds investment portfolios in some local and international markets. In 1992 a flagship investment firm, DICO Investments Co LLC came into existence. However few other business interests comprise Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co. and Al Amana Building Materials; both are based in Oman, including Al Jazeira Services, offering support and catering services.

DAMAC Properties is one of its notable companies that helped Hussain Sajwani to step into the global real estate market. DAMAC employs around 2000 employees, and it’s a company that is publicly-listed with shares traded on DFM.

The company has the best track record in the lavish market and property development, and till date, it delivered around 18000 houses with a construction portfolio of above 44,000 units at numerous stages of planning and progress. Read more: Hussian Sajwani | Forbes

As a pioneering brand in real estate market, DAMAC Properties has united with some of the most recognizable lifestyle and fashion brands to bring exciting concepts of living into the market of UAE. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

Projects comprise a Tiger Woods-designed golf course, managed by The Trump Organization, lavish apartments with Italian fashion houses Fendi and Versace interiors; Bugatti styled luxury villas, and exclusively theorized Paramount Hotels & Resorts to offer serviced living at most opulent.

DAMAC Properties, in 2011 has launched its new division that was once the primary business of Hussain Sajwani. This division offers bespoke services to the residents in above 15,000 serviced hotel apartments and rooms. It will help DAMAC to become one of the biggest Hotel Apartment developers and operators in the UAE region. The extraordinary development of DAMAC properties can credit to the entrepreneurial skills and vision of Sajwani.

Oncotarget: the Medical Journal of Choice

Oncotarget is a traditional journal that does not discriminate discipline and specialty in the biomedical profession. Oncotarget is an open access journal edited by Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov of Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The journal’s publications are made weekly. Publication of an issue or a paper is printed based on demand.


The mission of the journal is to avail scientific results to the public as soon as these are verified and authenticated. The journal also purposes to amplify the impact of clinical research by encouraging insightful review. Another of Oncotarget’s mission is to disseminate exceptional discoveries to allow others in the industry to see and contribute.

The journal aspires to eliminate the border that exists between the various specialties in science. It is the mission of the journal to bring together the various biomedical professionals. The journal equally strives to foster applications of fundamental clinical Science to combat diseases. The ideal for the journal and contributors is a life without disease, the journal looks to the medical authorities in its leadership to help researchers all over to contribute to a progressive science. Download output styles at

Main Editors

Andrei Gudkov is one of the main editors of the journal: Oncotarget. His academic degrees are in experimental molecular biology. He is also an authority in oncology. He studied in Moscow State University. Andrei is the co-founder of Cleveland BioLabs as well as its

chief scientific officer. He also co-founded Tartis, Inc. He is particularly interested in drug and gene research. He also researches molecular targets.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is the other main editor of the journal Oncotarget. His area of research is cellular biology. He also researches on molecular biology. In his research, he looks at cell cycle, anticancer therapeutics, cellular senescence and signal ransduction. He is also Cancer, Am J Pathology’s associate editor. Additionally, he is the Editor- in-Chief of Cell Cycle.

The Aim and Scope- Guideline for Authors

The primary focus of the journal is cancer research publications and oncology. Owing to the dynamic nature of cancer cells, the journal also accepts articles from authors in areas such as endocrinology, age-related diseases, immunology, pathology and physiology.

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