Get to taste your best wine and make a job out of it with Traveling Vineyard

While some people wake up angry on daily basis because they hate their jobs or the colleagues, wine guides at Traveling Vineyard wake up with a smile. The internet has offered a lot of opportunities. The most outstanding of all is the flexible working hours for those who have embraced the online working tradition. Traveling Vineyard gives all the wine guides who sell their wine a very golden opportunity. You get to do what you love and in your terms.

Those who love wine know how hard it is to find a perfect wine for different occasions. There are so many Vineyards coming up, and various brands are being introduced in the market. One can surely use some help in deciding the best wine for your occasions. This is where Traveling Vineyard Wine guides come in. To become one of the guides, all you need is about $180 to get the starter’s pack. In the package, you will be given tasting glasses, red and white wine bottles from traveling Vineyard, openers, chillers, and decanters among other necessary items. You will also receive some materials that will help you learn how to market the wine efficiently. As a new guide, you will have a mentor around your vicinity who will guide you whenever you need more help.

The wine will be enough for you to host two different tasting parties and give people a chance to taste the magnificent wine. You can organize the party at your house, invite friends, family or colleagues. All you need to do is to let them taste the wine and make sure they love it. Since the wine is made with grapes from France and the best from the US, your quests will start placing orders. You will earn a commission based on the number of people that buy the wine from your events. As you talk about the wine, make sure a few wine lovers know about how Traveling Vineyard works, if they enroll to become wine guides, you will earn more money or what is referred to as Royalties on top of your commission. After several people have bought wine from your parties, you will be given a website where people will be placing orders from, and you will quickly calculate your earnings.

Working at traveling vineyard is preferred because it is easy to make money as wine sells itself, wine lovers will keep coming back for more. You will need very little money to start working, and the job is a low-pressure type. You decide your working hours and venues and visit

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