Boraie: Developing Atlantic City

For the first time in 25 years, Atlantic City, New Jersey will have a first market rate development of apartment housing. Boraie Development is responsible for the property called The Beach at South Inlet. Boraie’s development is bringing vitality to the city, which has seen a decade decline in growth due to neighboring states becoming competition for the gaming business sector. The 81 million dollar apartment property is being estimated to serve the fifty thousand residents who work in Atlantic City.

Boraie Development is a real estate development and property management company. The New Jersey company prides themselves on high standards. They work with the most talented architects who have a direct vision for properties. The company only works with financial institutions who are strong in their business dealings. Their contractors are a master of completing projects within deadlines and completing them successfully. The development company has completed several projects in New Jersey. Most recently, the company has been working to revitalize the city of Atlantic City.

According to NJBiz, Boraie Development has three main divisions in its company: sales/marketing, real estate development and property management. The sales division of the company works with the other two divisions in understanding the residential and commercial aspects of development projects. The real estate development division works with large commercial banks, tenants and residents to create long term ownership deals. The property management division deals with managing properties, and physical improvements and customer service. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The Vice President of Boraie Development states that the newer generation who will be moving into the apartment complex know exactly what they want in a home. Therefore, the company will be delivering on its promises of making sure the apartment complex has a gym, pool and cozy lounge for residents. This will surely satisfy the 61 percent of the city’s housing population that is over the age of forty. Although, the city is known for its casinos, the nongaming Atlantic City Gateway project is believed to bring vitality and stability back to the city. Sam Boraie is going to be providing housing to the boom of people economic growth is going to bring to the city.

Boraie Development is taking a tourist town by storm. The company is infiltrating Atlantic City with its astounding 30 years of development experience. Their new development will bring life and economic change to the area sprouting growth to a community that has been long overdue.

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