The Inspiring Story of Dr. Saad

The story of Dr. SaadSaad is more inspiring than he may ever know. Now retired after 47 years of practicing medicine, Dr. Saad’s story is still inspiring millions. His career as a pediatric surgeon was extremely successful. This wasn’t just because he worked hard, but it was because he was pushed from a very early age to do great things and to make his own way. As a young boy, he was forced from his home in Palestine, sometime during the late 1940’s. Palestine was undergoing numerous changes, and it was at this time that the State of Israel was in flux, causing many to be relocated without a choice. As a result, he and his mother and siblings were forced from their home while his father was away on business, without a word as to where they were going or how they would live. Learn more:


When his father arrived back in Palestine, he had to ask around frantically after returning to their home with no one present and no note indicating where they were. His father paid a large sum of money to a boatman to take him around until he could locate his wife and children. The family had been relocated to the West Bank but they were thankful to be re-united. It was after this that his father discovered his skills were needed in Kuwait for oil drilling. He chose to move the family there as he found work, raising his family in a more prosperous location.


During the hot summer months, Saad and his brother worked together on construction. During this time, he learned that the only way to work inside the air condition was to be in an operating room. At this time, he decided to become a doctor and later chose to work in the area of pediatrics. His father shared his vision with him, and explained that a high level of education at this time earned great respect from those around him. He went on to study and become of the greatest pediatric surgeons in history, developing specific procedures of his own. The thought that one hot day in Kuwait made him realize his dream of success is nothing short of amazing.


Today, Dr. Saad is retired, but passed on his life lessons about hard work and dedication to his children. They too became successful in their professions, and will continue his legacy.


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