Why Whitney Wolfe Herd Decided To Launch Bumble

Like many other industries the tech industry is dominated by men. Most programmers and IT professionals are men and men also occupy most of the C level positions. For this reason when a woman founds a company in this industry it gets a lot of attention. Such is the case with Whitney Wolfe Herd is the founder and chief executive officer of Bumble.

Since its launch Bumble has become an incredibly popular dating app. What separates it from others is that when it comes to making first contact only a woman can do so. This is now the second most popular app of its kind in the United States. Earlier she had been one of the co-founders of Tinder where she was the vice president of marketing. She wanted to do something different with Bumble and that decision has really paid off. The Bumble app now has almost 30 million users and her company is worth north of $1 billion.

Building upon the concepts of empowering women and encouraging more positive communication Whitney Wolfe Herd launched both Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz in 2017. The first app is designed to help women find new friends while the latter one is designed to help them build out their professional network. Bumble is increasingly becoming a complete social network for its users. Through just one app users can find romantic partners, friends, and business contacts.

Whitney Wolfe Herd was born in Salt Lake City and attended Southern Methodist University. While at this university, studying for a degree in international studies, she got involved in the wake of the BP oil spill. She started a nonprofit which sold tote bags made of bamboo. Each had a brown pelican on it which was one of the species of animals most affected by this spill. Before long several celebrities were being photographed with one of these bags such as Nichole Ritchie and Rachel Zoe.

Bumble was launched through the backing of Andrey Andreev. Whitney Wolfe Herd had an idea for a new app and he helped her take it in the direction of being a dating app, something she was reluctant at first to do again. Andrey Andreev provided her with the funding she needed to get Bumble started. She says her goal was to create an app that women would find approachable and safe to use. Women using Bumble have a lot more control in who they associate with.

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The Amazing Philanthropy of Betsy Devos and Her Push For Education Reform

What would our world be without proper education? Everyone has had a teacher or professor who has once helped them shape their idea of themselves and the world around them. Education reform is something that can be very slow moving unless there are the proper forces moving behind it. Betsy Devos is one of these forces that has taken it upon herself to become a strong voice in education reform. It was at Calvin College where Devos began her passion when she became involved in campus politics. Since her time at college, she has continued her lifelong pursuit in this field.


In both politics and business, Devos has been pushing for social change. Investing in clean energy is an essential part of her and her husband’s business practices. Dick Devos, her husband, has formerly been the owner of the Orlando Magic and the president of Amway. As the chairman of the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation, she has been able to push for great social change over the years.


Mrs. Devos has been recently working greatly in the field of education reform. Devos is in favor of publicly funded private-choice school options for children. In well over a dozen states, there are around 250,000 children receiving above average education. Educational-choice is a movement that Devos is helping to catch on in America. Statewide voucher programs are being passed in many states. Devos is working to have nationwide voucher programs in the near future.


Devos has been involved in this movement even when it was first getting started and was constantly being labeled as a radical movement. When Devos was raising her children, she met other parents who were in low-income situations. They were trying as hard as they could to get their children into private schools. Seeing this struggle first hand left and impression on Devos. She knew that something had to be done. Seeing how much positive energy came from private schools, Devos believed that every child should have access to this environment that could potentially change the course of their entire future.


Devos says that she believes Florida is the biggest success that she has had yet in her push with the education reform movement. There are now over 50,000 students that are able to attend the school of their choice due to tax-funded scholarship programs. This shows that there are more states that are willing to really become part of this new movement.


It will be exciting to see how far Devos can take this movement with the help of her advocacy and philanthropy. If Devos is able to keep this movement going, we may see a time where nearly every child in every state in America can attend the school of their choice. Time will only tell how far this movement will go. Devos is a strong force in education reform who can be thanked for much of the progress that has already taken place. There are many low-income families that now have the ability to send their children to the schools that will best serve their educational needs.


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Hotelier Shiraz Boghani’s Business Ventures

Shiraz Boghani is a well known businessman who has many years of experience in the hospitality industry. He has worked with and formed several corporations in the past and is currently working with Sussex Healthcare as a partner in their business. Shiraz has founded Sojourn Hotels with other partners. He is acting as the company chairman at the present time. Shiraz Boghani’s experience has made this hotel appear on the top of the travel industries lists. The quality of the accommodations are excellent and he strives to keep his many visitors happy.

Splendid Hospitality is a company which oversees all of the day to day operations of the hotel chains within its portfolio. Shiraz Boghani is the director of Splendid Hospitality and has been able to get funding for all of its needs. Mr. Boghani is well respected in the banking industry and has a good working relationship with several institutions. He uses his current assets in order to obtain funding to purchase additional hotels. As a certified accountant, he knows where to best invest his funds and how to get the most out of his money.

Shiraz Boghani recently won an award at the Asian Business Awards where he was named Hotelier of the Year. This is a high honor among the hospitality industry. His professionalism in work and the quality care his guests receive were all mentioned at the ceremony. Shiraz Boghani talked about the future plans for his operations when accepting the award. His intentions are to market it globally and to acquire many additional units.

He is very active in community work in his spare time working with several charitable organizations. He believes that there needs to be changes made in the current healthcare system to allow all people to get the care they need. He works extensively helping the aged in his community. Shiraz Boghani is originally from Africa and moved to England many years ago. He has seen what the effects of poor healthcare is on older citizens.

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