Rick Shinto and the Effect His Leadership Has Had With InnovaCare

InnovaCare is located in Puerto Rico and is a Medicare and Medicaid Advantage company that provides health care to the citizens of Puerto Rico. The company has been led by Dr. Rick Shinto, the talented President and CEO since 2002. Under his leadership, InnovaCare has made great strides in making the company a leading healthcare plan.


Dr. Shinto has an elite background in the medical field. He is the former CEO of MMM Healthcare, Inc., CEO of PMC Medicare, and Aveta, Inc. Dr. Shinto has a long history of working with larger healthcare organizations and bringing to them the latest in technology and programs that make the organization better.


The emphasis has been on the strengthening of the quality of care given to patients as opposed to quantity of care. This transition involved bringing Innova Care into a public-private partnership which emphasizes strongly the payment for quality care as opposed to quantity care. When the delivery of quality care is a reality it is because there have been systems instituted and designed to cause the best of all possible results to occur. This means that all facets must be hitting their highest efficiencies such as medical records, procedural tasks, and the best in medical care there is to offer.


Payment reform has been a big factor in the formation of better provider-patient relationships. the alignment of private and public healthcare costs has eliminated a lot of the guesswork and red tape as to procedures being covered by public or private insurance.


Under the leadership of Dr. Shinto the use of technology to create a more efficient delivery system for the InnovaCare plans. Currently, InnovaCare offers two Medicare Advantage programs, the PMC Medicare Choice in addition to the MMM Healthcare plan. Both plans are ranked highly and they cover over 200,000 people and are served by over 7,500 providers.


InnovaCare works with some of the most advanced technology that is available, both from an administrative standpoint and a clinical one as well. Providers who are up to speed with the latest technological scanning and diagnosis platforms are what creates an efficient treatment platform from the start.


Eliminating red tape in the administrative areas is more difficult to achieve than many people know, but with Dr. Shinto’s leadership and expertise, great strides have been made in these areas. InnovaCare always has the necessary systems, procedures, and personnel to get the job accomplished in the most effective manner.


By maintaining the focus on quality patient healthcare outcomes, InnovaCare has been able to remain at the forefront of the healthcare industry.


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