Let’s Take a Look At Vijay Eswaran

Entrepreneur turned philanthropist turned author, Vijay Eswaran is a pioneer of tremendous business acumen. Though the beginnings of his entrepreneurial journey portended a bleak future, Eswaran didn’t yield to the hardships that burdened him. In fact, as an attempt to plaster egg on his naysayer’s faces, Eswaran defied the odds stacked against him by making his claim to fame as a successful entrepreneur. Now the founder and CEO of a wildly successful corporation, QI Group of Companies, Eswaran’s regarded as a businessman of extensive industry know-how. Unfortunately, Eswaran’s reputation still lingers in the shadows of controversy, and he’s got none other than his former colleagues to resent for that.

As Eswaran was steadily ascending through the ranks of his trade, his previous business partners begrudged him his success. In the hopes of dismantling his illustrious career, they filed a shareholder dispute, subsequently leading to Eswaran’s brief incarceration. Though Eswaran was absolved of all alleged transgressions, the damage had already been done, and his name was sufficiently tarnished. Fortunately, Eswaran plunged ahead, vowing to focus on the opportunities that awaited him rather than the past that haunted him. Resilience is among one of Eswaran’s most admirable qualities, and it’s undoubtedly responsible for his ongoing entrepreneurial triumphs.

Currently, Vijay Eswaran is exalted by the progress of his University in Malaysia. Created as a means of furnishing the less fortunate with ample opportunity, Eswaran’s University underscores his altruistic disposition. Within the foreseeable future, Eswaran plans on bolstering the community’s infrastructure. From shopping malls and parks to hospitals and residential blocks, Eswaran has some lofty goals for his enterprise. What’s more, he has aspirations of creating a “green campus” that both upholds and promotes an eco-friendly environment. Some features he’d like to implement are solar-powered residents and electric buggies for transportation.

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