JHSF Company- What you should know

JHSF is a Brazil-based company whose operations involve investing in real estates, shopping malls as well as gastronomy. The JHSF company was founded in 1972 by two partners Jose Roberto and Fabio alongside the other two partners. Throughout the company’s operations, JHSF has accumulated the market value of over 1.20 billion. The success has propelled JHSF into the leading real estate company in Brazil prioritizing in recurrent income assets in hotels, malls, and airports.

Since the beginning of the JHSF Company, it’s widely known due to its style of operations where the company concentrates on identifying new market opportunities. JHSF pioneers the innovation and ability to provide excellent solutions for all clients. The company works in four business units to ensure incorporation, construction, and execution of real estate services.

JHSF International mostly does its operations in Uruguay and the United States. Over the past years, the company has brought essential development in Uruguay through building residential real estate and developing the 815 at the Fifth Avenue in the United States. Besides, JHSF has won many awards such as the best company in Brazil and the Planned daring award, both in 2012.

It’s worth noting that a company requires competent managers for better results and profit conversions. In this case, the JHSF CEO Jose Auriemo Neto serves as both the chairman and the chief executive officer of the JHSF company. Auriemo Neto’s significant role in the company is to oversee the company’s interest in the hotel and build developments. Also, Neto administers the company’s retail portfolio and the group’s extensive shopping.

Initially, Fabio Auremo Neto took over the company’s management role at a time when JHSF only concentrated on incorporation and construction services. Later, Fabio expanded the company’s operations to shopping malls where there were high-income markets. JHSF company owns hotels and malls in Brazilian capital such as the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz. Besides, JHSF owns commercial buildings in different metropolises. Summing up, JHSF aims to concentrate on the high-income segment investing in acquiring recurring income and increasing their assets. So far the JHSF company has accumulated over $1.20 billion as income assets.

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