Talos Energy

Talos Energy is one of the famous independent gas and oil companies in the region. The firm boasts leadership and management services that are provided by its management team. Talos’ management team of staff has extensive experience and knowledge in production and offshore exploration. The team has been providing those services for decades. Talos Energy is led by a team of experts at purchasing and acquiring developed and shelf deep water resources in the Gulf of Mexico. The company then explores, exploits and optimizes the acquired resources using technological approaches and cutting-edge seismic techniques.

The company management team has a remarkable reputation that it has acquired since it ventured into oil and gas business. The team has a track record of positive outcomes regarding customer relations and productivity. Before establishing Talos Energy, the management team had built two Gulf of Mexico oil and gas firms and later sold them off to their current owners. The two companies, Gryphon Exploration Co. and Phoenix Exploration Co. delivered significant profits to the firm’s management team of equity investors.

Talos Energy Company values its customers and builds its pride in helping them and the general public to improve their livelihood. Talos is among the big companies that are always involved in charitable activities.

After the unpredicted occurrence of Harvey Hurricane that left thousands of Texas residents homeless, Talos was one of the parties that stretched a helping hand. The Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, Mr. Duncan Tim and his family were among the people affected by the Hurricane Harvey. After sensing the danger that was signaled by power blackout and impassibility of roads around Texas, Duncan took his spouse, little son and two pets and jumped into a FEMA rescue boat to save their lives.

After hours of struggle, Duncan realized that the floods caused by the Hurricane Harvey was not going to reduce any time soon and he had to seal an imperative deal for Talos Energy. He went on to ask for a favor for private airplane that took him and his family to Alabama. Returning to Texas, Duncan and his family spent weeks at his parent’s home where he closed the deal from.

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