Betsy DeVos and Educational Aspirations

Betsy DeVos isn’t one to act like a slacker. She’s probably never uttered the word in her entire life. She’s actually always been the polar opposite of a slacker. She’s been a tireless champion for all sorts of causes since day one. People who remember her youth know that all too well. Elisabeth Prince was a Michigan girl who had major ambitions on her side. She was a hard-working Calvin College pupil who wanted to accomplish a lot in the United States and all around the world. She’s kept her word, too.


DeVos has been “Betsy DeVos” for a long while now. Her memories of life as Miss Prince, however, have never strayed far from her thoughts. She’s been in a marriage with Dick DeVos for a good number of decades. They’re two individuals who think in matters that are similar. They’re both endlessly passionate about social and political causes of all kinds. They’re both people who go above and beyond for things that make them tick, too. Education is an invaluable topic for these Michigan folks. Betsy is the American Education Secretary. President Donald Trump knew that she’d be a good fit for the position. Dick is a skillful businessman who has been part of all kinds of endeavors throughout the years. The West Michigan Aviation Academy is a noted charter school he set up in 2010. It’s situated at the airport in wonderful Grand Rapids, Michigan, too. Its location isn’t at all bewildering. The students who attend the academy want to learn about air travel and aviation as an overarching topic. That’s why they need to have rapid access to planes of all kinds.


Betsy DeVos doesn’t lie to people. She likes to be upfront with them. If she believes something, she doesn’t ever hesitate to say it. Although she’s a woman who is interested in integrity at all times, she’s also an individual who grasps the power of tranquility. She likes to maintain interactions with others that are easy and devoid of hassles. She doesn’t like to confront people unnecessarily. People will never see her taking part in screaming matches. They’ll never see her behave in a way that isn’t 100 percent cool.


DeVos is a mother who loves nurturing others. She adores looking out for people who need her. That may explain her devotion to the educational division. She’s had lengthy chats with American families that have frets that involve choice and education. She’s had lengthy chats with parents who want guidance that involves school selection. It isn’t unheard of for American parents to lack guidance in the educational division. They often feel lost about their kids’ educational journeys. DeVos wishes to enhance the American educational experience for children and for all of their family members. That’s precisely why she brings educational choice subjects to light day in and day out. She doesn’t want people to have to be okay with schools that aren’t appropriate for their aspirations. She wants people to have the things they deserve.


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