Fortress Investment Group Thrives Through M&A

Fortress Investment Group is one organization that has been in the admiration of many investors and industry players due to its terrific performance in various aspects of its services to the customers. A lot of customers have indicated their satisfaction with the services that they get from the organization, which are mainly investment financial management. The customer service is made excellent by the motivated employees in the organization who are always ready to put smiles on the faces of their clients whenever they seek their services. Due to the high quality of the customer service that Fortress Investment Group offers to the clients, it has managed to acquire a lot of clients from both the United States and the rest of the world.

Fortress Investment Group has won awards in the industry that have made the company to be very popular with the clients and investors. Some of the awards that the company has been awarded include that of the best hedge fund manager and the best management of the credit funds. These departments of the portfolio are managed by one of the CEOs of the company, Peter Briger, who joined Fortress Group from Goldman Sachs where he had been working for more than three decades. At the Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger had been trained in the management of distressed assets and also the management of various assets in an alternative portfolio. With this kind of knowledge and experience, he brought a lot of development to the company, which could never have been achieved without his insights and advice.

Fortress Investment Group has had a great emphasis on managing mergers and acquisition. Over the two decades in which the company has been in existence, it has managed to acquire several organizations that have tremendously impacted on the value of the company. Some of the firms that it acquired include the Canadian company Intrawest, RailAmerica, and other companies that were leaders in their economic sectors. The benefits that both the acquirer and the acquired organizations got from each other were essential, and hence the relationships they had were mutual.

The acquisition transaction that shocked many individuals and companies in the industry was the one that involved Fortress Investment Group and a Japanese international firm that deals with the telecommunication and technology business, Soft Bank Group. A lot of people criticized the decision of Fortress’ management to be purchased by Soft Bank. However, the principals of the company indicated that the decision was well-meditated and the Fortress Group was expected to benefit from the engagement.

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