How Does Paul Mampilly Help The Average Citizen Make A Fortune In The Money Markets

Paul Mampilly always had his eyes set on the banking and investments industry. He would take a long career path getting here, starting off as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust Company. When BTC was acquired by Deutsche Bank, he was promoted to a research assistant position. The skills acquired would come in handy during his stay at Kinetics Asset Management where he helped raise the hedge funds’ managed assets base from $6 Billion to $25 Billion.

The Montclair State University graduate was, however, not content with the over-concentration of wealth on Wall Street. He set out on the ‘Taking the Wall Street to the Main Street’ caravan through which he hopes to dismantle Wall Street‘s dominance of the stock and money markets. Paul’s movement has since gained traction with the entry of more like-minded trading experts who seek to help the ordinary citizen make a fortune in these markets by giving out free investment tips. But how does he achieve this?

Through journals and publications

Currently, Paul Mampilly is a senior editor at Banyan Hill publishers, an online publication that shares free marketing tips to its audience. Here, together with a team of equally experienced traders, Paul analyses the best-performing stocks and money markets.

However, unlike in his hedge fund days where he would only share this information with his company’s investors, he publishes them for all to see on the Banyan Hill journal. The team will also give advice on how to invest in either of these markets, possible risks and potential rewards in a bid to help the average American make a more informed investment decision.

Forecasts and tips on his websites

Paul Mampilly runs a personal website and blog that keeps tabs with what he believes to be the best investments either in the long or short term. His tips on these sites focus on market forecasts and have also gone a long way in helping his followers reap big from their well-informed decisions based on his advice.

Television and podcasts

The openness, expertise, and accuracy in forecasting market trends have turned Paul Mampilly into a media sensation. He has become a regular guest for most business news TV shows and nationally broadcasted investment podcast. For instance, he has appeared on CNBC, Fox Business News, Kiplinger’s, and Bloomberg TV.

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