The Amazing Philanthropy of Betsy Devos and Her Push For Education Reform

What would our world be without proper education? Everyone has had a teacher or professor who has once helped them shape their idea of themselves and the world around them. Education reform is something that can be very slow moving unless there are the proper forces moving behind it. Betsy Devos is one of these forces that has taken it upon herself to become a strong voice in education reform. It was at Calvin College where Devos began her passion when she became involved in campus politics. Since her time at college, she has continued her lifelong pursuit in this field.


In both politics and business, Devos has been pushing for social change. Investing in clean energy is an essential part of her and her husband’s business practices. Dick Devos, her husband, has formerly been the owner of the Orlando Magic and the president of Amway. As the chairman of the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation, she has been able to push for great social change over the years.


Mrs. Devos has been recently working greatly in the field of education reform. Devos is in favor of publicly funded private-choice school options for children. In well over a dozen states, there are around 250,000 children receiving above average education. Educational-choice is a movement that Devos is helping to catch on in America. Statewide voucher programs are being passed in many states. Devos is working to have nationwide voucher programs in the near future.


Devos has been involved in this movement even when it was first getting started and was constantly being labeled as a radical movement. When Devos was raising her children, she met other parents who were in low-income situations. They were trying as hard as they could to get their children into private schools. Seeing this struggle first hand left and impression on Devos. She knew that something had to be done. Seeing how much positive energy came from private schools, Devos believed that every child should have access to this environment that could potentially change the course of their entire future.


Devos says that she believes Florida is the biggest success that she has had yet in her push with the education reform movement. There are now over 50,000 students that are able to attend the school of their choice due to tax-funded scholarship programs. This shows that there are more states that are willing to really become part of this new movement.


It will be exciting to see how far Devos can take this movement with the help of her advocacy and philanthropy. If Devos is able to keep this movement going, we may see a time where nearly every child in every state in America can attend the school of their choice. Time will only tell how far this movement will go. Devos is a strong force in education reform who can be thanked for much of the progress that has already taken place. There are many low-income families that now have the ability to send their children to the schools that will best serve their educational needs.


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Hotelier Shiraz Boghani’s Business Ventures

Shiraz Boghani is a well known businessman who has many years of experience in the hospitality industry. He has worked with and formed several corporations in the past and is currently working with Sussex Healthcare as a partner in their business. Shiraz has founded Sojourn Hotels with other partners. He is acting as the company chairman at the present time. Shiraz Boghani’s experience has made this hotel appear on the top of the travel industries lists. The quality of the accommodations are excellent and he strives to keep his many visitors happy.

Splendid Hospitality is a company which oversees all of the day to day operations of the hotel chains within its portfolio. Shiraz Boghani is the director of Splendid Hospitality and has been able to get funding for all of its needs. Mr. Boghani is well respected in the banking industry and has a good working relationship with several institutions. He uses his current assets in order to obtain funding to purchase additional hotels. As a certified accountant, he knows where to best invest his funds and how to get the most out of his money.

Shiraz Boghani recently won an award at the Asian Business Awards where he was named Hotelier of the Year. This is a high honor among the hospitality industry. His professionalism in work and the quality care his guests receive were all mentioned at the ceremony. Shiraz Boghani talked about the future plans for his operations when accepting the award. His intentions are to market it globally and to acquire many additional units.

He is very active in community work in his spare time working with several charitable organizations. He believes that there needs to be changes made in the current healthcare system to allow all people to get the care they need. He works extensively helping the aged in his community. Shiraz Boghani is originally from Africa and moved to England many years ago. He has seen what the effects of poor healthcare is on older citizens.

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John L. Holt, Jr. the President and Chief Executive Officer

John Holt was born on 14th April 1923 in New York to Henry and Elizabeth Holt. He went to Yale University, where he took a course on Administration. He later became an educator and a writer. He worked in the U.S Navy in 1943 to 1946. He held several positions in part of the America’s Movement for World Government from 1946 to 1952, he worked at SWS Group Inc. serving as the Executive Vice President from 2007 November to 2011 June, he also served as the Chief Executive, Chairman and President of Southwest Securities just to mention a few.

His career

John L. Holt, Jr worked at Nexbank SSB serving as the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Director. Nexbank is a private banking company established in 1922. Its services include offering private banking and management of wealth, which is offered to professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals. Nexbank offers many services which include Free Checking, Certificate of Deposit, Money Markets, Home Mortgages, Business Checking, Commercial Lending, Business Loans and Remote Deposit.

Nexbank has given its services to over 60 borrowers in 127 portions and several industries that include Media Publications, Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation, Hospitality, and Airline. Nexbank is also a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation member.

Nexbank SSB

Nexbank SSB is the other part of Nexbank Capital Inc., a branch of financial services institutions that gives its services to clients countrywide between a core of three businesses, such as Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, and Mortgage Banking. Nexbank SSB is a leader in the regional banks with a unique culture since 1922. It also offers its services to most of the biggest financial institutions, corporations, institutional clients, and individuals with banking assets of a wide range. Nexbank pays its workers an average amount of about 93,500 dollars in one year.

Tweet Storm Predictions from Shervin Pishevar

For 21 hours between the days of February 5th and February 6th, 2018, Shervin Pishevar let loose a Twitter rant that had some dark predictions for the economy in the United States. This came in response to a decline in the stock market that was stomach-dropping. He says that there will be more slippage in the months to come. In fact, he predicts that the stock market will go down another 6,000 aggregate points.


Some may have been surprised to see Shervin Pishevar sending out so many tweets considering that he hadn’t tweeted anything since mid-December. His last tweet contained an announcement about his resignation from Sherpa Capital. This is a fund he helped found and was one of the early investors in Uber. Shervin Pishevar actually served as an advisor to Uber for a couple of years.


In addition to predicting that the stock market would continue to see more slippage, he also commented on several other things, including immigration, bitcoin, big US businesses, and more.


In one of his tweets, Shervin Pishevar gave an example of a group of individuals in China who were able to build a train station in just nine hours. The reason why he gave this example was to prove that the idea of the American entrepreneurial spirit has become the global way. In years past, individuals from China and other countries who had ideas and needed backing to get them off ground would have to go to the United States. They no longer need to do so. Entrepreneurship is a movement that is now borderless. This could prove bad for short-term economic growth in the United States.


Shervin Pishevar referred to companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple as giants that are built on monopoly frameworks that will fall. He says that they should because this is how evolution works. He said that there is a collective blind eye to the power that these big companies hold because they are able to buy out small startups. This is also something that Shervin Pishevar sees as a negative thing for growth in the United States. In the best case scenario, he feels that they will at least lose their influence.

Talk Fusion Offers Fusion on the Go App to Its Associates for Greater Convenience

Without having the edge over the competition, it is not possible to survive in this world of high competition. Whether you are a freelance professional or a large enterprise, you would always have to be on your toes when it comes to marketing. One of the means of marketing that has become highly popular in the corporate as well as the freelance world is video marketing because it is known to create a lasting impact on the target audience. The Talk Fusion is a company that has been leading this market for many years for providing a wide range of products and services that help clients with their video marketing measures. The products and services of Talk Fusion are used by clients in more than 140 countries, and the company markets its products through the means of multi-level marketing, which helps the members of the company to earn considerable money as well in the process.


One of the newest products that Talk Fusion has recently launched for its customers is Fusion on the Go, which is a video chat app, but with a twist. The Fusion on the Go has many features that other video chat apps in the market doesn’t have, and the best part is that Talk Fusion offers its customers with the ability to scale the features of the Fusion on the Go video chat app as per their usage. The video chat app can also be used for the video conferencing purposes, and the people can use it for personal communication purposes as well.


The companies who are trying to reach out to their end users in a very engaging manner can also use this, and it can be used in-house by the employees for virtual meeting and webinars as well. Fusion on the Go offers an excellent experience to its users that they had been waiting for. They can select different templates on their smartphones and also record their video instantly or upload new ones in an instant using the new app. The associates who have used the app have nothing but great things to say about the apps. Learn more:

Jeunesse Global’s Luminesce helps people shine with beauty

Jeunesse Global is quickly gaining global recognition as one of the most impressive health and beauty companies on the planet. Founded in 2009 by industry pioneers Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global has grown from a tiny hobby business that was based out of the couple’s garage to become one of the most dominant players on the global health and beauty scene. This incredible trajectory can largely be attributed to the skill and experience of Ray and Lewis, who had previously made a name for themselves as some of the most successful builders of direct-marketing companies in North America.

Ray and Lewis had long been independently wealthy. The couple had achieved millionaire status by their mid-30s and had been running businesses ever since, more out of passion than out of any desire to acquire additional wealth. By the time the industry power couple had gotten around to founding Jeunesse, they were no longer interested in gaining more zeros in their bank accounts. They wanted to create a company that would stand as a magnum opus of lives spent as entrepreneurs. Ray and Lewis wanted to create life-changing products and help people across the globe in achieving their health, beauty and financial goals. They wanted to leave a positive and lasting legacy on the world.

To this end, they began developing what would become one of the hottest product lineups that the industry had ever seen. With products that can help people erase years off of their appearance and help them to look and feel their best all day long, Ray and Lewis hit on a winning formula.

One example of such products is the company’s skin moisturizer and anti-aging serum Luminesce. The moisturizer is a fine example of the product category, being able to stand on its own against the competition on both price and effectiveness. But Luminesce is also a fantastic anti-aging serum. It has been clinically shown to reduce wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones. Luminesce is also capable of restoring elasticity that has been lost to the aging process while creating a vibrant, youthful glow that allows people to look up to 10 years younger.

Mark Mofid’s Innovations Are Changing The Gluteal Implant Game

As someone who was educated at Harvard and Johns Hopkins, Dr. Mark Mofid has become one of the most trusted names in plastic surgery. While most of us may have never heard of the phrase “gluteal augmentation” before, there are those who tend to associate the phrase with the concept of malpractice.

With Dr. Mark Mofid, those are not concerns that you are ever going to have to address. Not only do you receive full access to all of the benefits that come with his top-notch education but you will also be able to speak with a doctor that continues to take the learning process seriously.

That is why he has become a highly sought-after name for patients who need assistance with their gluteal implants. He has the sort of recognition that only comes to those who know exactly what they are talking about. On top of being one of the most educated surgeons in his field, he is also one of the most innovative doctors in the whole industry.

His dedication to his craft has allowed him to earn the trust of all those who rely on his services. When patients make certain requests, they are able to do so with the proper peace of mind. They know that Dr. Mark Mofid is always going to keep them as safe as possible, even if they decide that they wish to purchase a larger set of implants.

Dr. Mofid is not the type to rest on his laurels either. He is always looking for new and interesting ways to become even better at what he does. The innovations that he utilizes are always supported by science. There is also no doubt that he spends a great deal of time researching so that he can remain on the cutting edge at all times.

Patients who seek these sorts of surgeries should always rely on the best. Dr. Mark Mofid is the first phone call that should be made. He has taken the time to design a superior implant that allows patients to receive the surgery they need without any of the side effects that can cause future difficulty.

Jim Larkin Remains One Of Ireland’s Leading Historical Figures

The role of union leaders in the history of attaining worker’s rights is celebrated like nowhere else in Ireland as leading figures of the short history of independence and the struggle to achieve freedom from England are still revered in the country. One of the names most associated with the arrival of freedom in Ireland is James “Big Jim” Larkin who did more than almost anybody to secure the freedom of the Irish Republic and the rights of workers across the nation.


Although Larkin was not born in Ireland, his heritage was Irish and he spent the majority of his early life living with his grandparents in the traditionally Catholic and socialist Derry region of the nation. Born in 1876, James Larkin moved to Ireland as an infant and lived with his grandparents until 1885 when he was returned to his native Liverpool to begin his working career; lacking a formal education, Larkin set out on a series of manual jobs which would eventually lead to him taking a position at the Liverpool Docks. Larkin’s impressive leadership during a strike in Liverpool led by the National Dock Laborers Union eventually brought him to the attention of union leaders and the full-time role of the union organizer.


Arriving in Ireland after a tense period with NDLU leaders in 1907, Larkin began attempts to organize workers into the union which frustrated him due to the lack of support from England. Not only would Larkin form two unions of his own in the form of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union and the Irish Worker’s Union but he would also become a leading light in the drive for independence from England with the formation of the Irish Labour Party alongside leading Republicans such as James Connelly.


History often overlooks the role James Larkin played in the drive for a free Ireland because of his decision to leave the country in 1914 and embark on a proposed speaking tour of Ireland. While Connelly is enshrined as an Irish martyr for his role in the 1916 Easter Rising and his death at the hands of a British firing squad, Larkin was locked away in a U.S. jail for his supposedly anarchistic view of socialism. Despite the fact his period of influence in Ireland was limited to just a few short years, “Big Jim” Larkin has a statue in a prime position in the Irish capital of Ireland and had more than 200,000 mourners at his funeral.

“The Frontera Fund: Rallying the Cause to Keep DACA!”

Under the Obama administration, back in June of 2012, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals(DACA) program was set in place for illegal immigrant children who fall under certain guidelines to be able to remain in America for up to two years without being deported. This program has seen these youths flourish as it supports them acquiring a legal social security card, a driver’s license in many states, access to school grants and even job opportunities where old enough. These youths would have never been allowed these opportunities most likely if the GOP had their current agenda enforced in shutting DACA down and deporting them back to their homeland.


Ken Paxton who is the Attorney General representing the state of Texas, spearheaded the movement by putting President Donald Trump and Staff on notice that if DACA was not appealed, there would be litigation shortly after the deadline of September 5th. The litigation would involve the determination to halt any new applicants to the program and prevent current beneficiaries from renewing their stay or status. This proposal is intended to act as a phasing out through the entire elimination of DACA altogether.


Those directly affected or in the community of the Hispanic Assembly came together with John Kelly, who is the Secretary of Homeland Security, this past week to be briefed on details. Kelly confirmed that the DACA program was in the works to be dismantled by legislation and would affect the 800,000 members already involved. He went on to say that there are currently cases that have already begun challenging the movement in fact. Some privy inner circle citizens and party affiliates had heard word of this previously and had started to assimilate to meet the challenge where it lies, but were unaware of how advanced the move to end DACA actually is.


Those who support the DACA program including other coalitions like the Arizona DREAM Act Group, argue that it is more than worth fighting to keep on the table of legislation. Statistics show that out of all enrolled DACA members, a whopping 95% are currently contributing to the economy through continued education and holding jobs. Most, in fact, are both working and going to school at the same time, which is a testament to the value and fortitude of those benefitting. Records from enrolled DACA case members note that a large percentage of beneficiaries have worked so hard that they were able to increase their salaries and successfully pay the higher tax rates as a result. These are hardworking legal citizens who are bringing revenue into the marketplace no different than any other member of society.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s Frontera Fund and team will be at the helm to further advocacy against ending DACA. The Frontera Fund has served many civil rights groups and causes that help protect the rights of Hispanics and those who have experienced inequality or racial harassment in the pursuit of a better quality of life in the United States of America.

How Ronald Fowlkes Contributed to the Law Enhancement and Business Sectors

Ronald Fowlkes is a former team member of St. Louis SWAT and Marine Corps of the United States. He has been involved in developing and delivering top quality security gears for more than two decades now to security departments. He was an effective IWT Group manager in charge of Business Development and Military Products Sales before he joined FirstSpear Group. As the Eagle Industries Business Development Manager, Fowlkes enhanced coordination together with professional users from various departments such as the Military and Law Enforcement communities.


Fowlkes became passionate about the military at a very early age and this influenced him to become a Marine. He submitted his first application to the Marine Corps when he was about ten years old. He completed his high school education when he was 17 years old and joined the Corps two weeks later. He then joined the Police Force and later got into business where he is the head manager of Eagles Industries Unlimited. The Eagles Industries Unlimited company supplies products and gears related to commercial law enforcement. He partnered with some other like-minded Americans when he was starting FirstSpear, a company well known for quality law enforcement gears and items.


Though a busy man, Fowlkes never lacks ample time for his son. He creates time to play hockey with his son since it’s one of the dearest sports for his son. Fowlkes has a medium blog he uses to address various hockey issues and update people on the American hockey teams. While in the army, Ronald went through different learning institutions to scale his academic records higher. He became a U.S marine after joining the Infantry Marine Corps School in 1989. During his four-year service as a marine, he took part in Gulf War and got promoted twice because of his leadership qualities and excellent tactical skills. Fowlkes got profound organization and engineering skills, which made him a reliable role model to the youthful men who joined his company.


Having served in the marines and U.S troops, he decided to return to his St. Louis Missouri home. For ten years, he served the Metropolitan Police Department of St. Louis, as the Hostage Rescue Team leader. His vast knowledge and experience helped him to combat gang activities in the community and left the local town greatly improved. Everyone in the community has immense appreciation and respect for him for the way he offered his community, country, and family protection.


He participated in minor parachute operations while at a company that dealt with air gunfire liaison. He had successful naval and air gunfire missions due to the reconnaissance skills he had attained. Fowlkes is a man who knew how to effectively use both the non-encrypted and encrypted radios of different types. The experience he gained with a MULE laser designator is undeniable.