GreenSky expands to new industries, adds more than 17,000 retailers

In the fintech industry, which has been rocked by high-profile scandals and the collapse of some of its largest players recently, GreenSky Credit continues to only get stronger with time. And this is not too surprising, given the history and talents of its founder, legendary entrepreneur David Zalik.

In 2018, GreenSky has continued to expand its offerings, reaching more than 17,000 retailer and contractor partners as well as moving into a number of new industries, such as dental, medical and siding. As GreenSky continues to expand, carrying out its long-term strategic plan, the company continues to surpass other lesser players within the fintech space. Some say that GreenSky Credit may soon be the largest representative among recent fintech startups, with rumors swirling of a possible IPO that could be worth as much as $10 billion.

No end to the ways in which nicer things are better than nasty things

One of the critical ways in which GreenSky radically differs from its wayward competitors, such as OnDeck and Lending Club, is in the company’s business model. Rather than trying to focus on upending centuries of lending best practices, trying to convert loafers and bums into productive citizens through the magic of NINJA loans and wishful thinking, David Zalik and his company have focused on going where there is proven value. As Kingsley Amos once said, there is no end to the ways in which nice things are better than nasty things. And this simple observation on the realities of compounding benefits and the error in trying to improve things that are fundamentally irredeemable is a lesson that Zalik instinctively took to heart.

That’s why he concentrated from the beginning on going after only prime borrowers who were almost certain to pay back their loans. Additionally, he sought out deals where there was genuine value being created on the project that the funds were used for, namely, the increase in the owner’s home price when the renovations for which the loans were issued were complete.

This business model has proven to be an excellent choice. And it is the main reason that GreenSky Credit has become the dominant player in the fintech industry.

Why did OSI Group Partner with McDonald’s?

OSI Group is a private company in America with its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. The company holds meat processors which serves the service and retail industry. The products that the company deals with are bacon, meat patties, vegetable products, poultry, pizza, hot dogs, and fish. The company has up to 65 facilities within 17 countries. OSI Group rose from humble beginning to one of the largest corporate business. Since its establishment in 1909, OSI Group McDonalds has continued to grow and become stable.

In 1955, McDonald’s, an American restaurant signed an agreement with OSI Group to be the supplier of fresh meat. As McDonald’s grew over the years, OSI Group became the main supplier of beef which also made OSI Group McDonalds grow. As a result, OSI Group to changed from a regional supplier to a global corporation. The core product of McDonald’s is hamburgers, and so OSI Group was expected to produce affordable, consistent, and products that are consumer driven to ensure customers are provided with consistent products.

In 1960, the relationship between McDonalds and OSI Group became much closer because of a technological breakthrough which made tasks easier and products more affordable. The technological breakthrough provided the two companies with an opportunity to expand and reduce their costs of production. Also, OSI Group managed to expand its manufacturing capabilities so as to respond to the continued growth of McDonald’s. When McDonald’s was growing into the international market OSI Group was following suit. To know more click here.

The transition of OSI Group McDonalds into an international supplier led to a substantial growth of the company which is also experienced today. The 2016 Forbes ranked OSI Group number 58 in terms of the largest companies within the United States. The current position of the company proves that it is a vital food supplier in the world. To experience more expansion, OSI Group McDonalds has built more joint ventures and developments in Australia, Hungary, Poland, the Pacific Rim, and Brazil.

The partnership between OSI Group and its clients such as McDonald’s led to the development of better and new products that meet and exceeded the needs and expectations of the consumers.

Randal Nardone, Cofounder of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone New York

Randal Nardone is the individual behind Fortress Investment Group, which he stared by himself. He is a graduate from Boston University where he studied Law. He also attended the University of Connecticut where he studied Bachelor of Science in biology and English. He is currently the CEO of the company, and he has contributed hugely to its progress and growth of the company.

Before, he worked as a director at Blackrock Financial Management and as an attorney at Thacher Proffitt and Wood law firm. The company has gained a positive reputation for the high-quality services it offers to its clients. Randal Nardone has demonstrated high skills and professionalism in this field. For many years, he has gained a lot of experience that has enabled him to run the company effectively and efficiently.

Randal Nardone has been a consultant in the field of finance whereby he gives people advice and helps companies across the country. In this way, he has enabled individuals and companies grow their businesses to advance the financial conditions. Many individuals and companies come to seek his help, which shows that he is incredibly reliable.

He founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998 together with Wesley R. Edens, Rob Kauffman. The company is based in New York City and has a net worth of 70.2 billion. Currently, the company is one of the most notable investment names at NYSE. He has put the company together and enabled it to endeavor in its services.

In February 2007, Fortress Company was the first largest private company in the united states to have ever been traded publicly. The company boasts of numerous employees who add up to 2,533 as per 2016 report. There is no doubt that Randal Nardone has mostly contributed to the success of the firm.

He has always believed in putting forth his very best with endeavors in what he does. He has grown as both a professional and a financialist and gained incredible expertise and competence. He has worked in some companies, and this has enabled him to implement things, which could assist every facet of the firm.