“The Frontera Fund: Rallying the Cause to Keep DACA!”

Under the Obama administration, back in June of 2012, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals(DACA) program was set in place for illegal immigrant children who fall under certain guidelines to be able to remain in America for up to two years without being deported. This program has seen these youths flourish as it supports them acquiring a legal social security card, a driver’s license in many states, access to school grants and even job opportunities where old enough. These youths would have never been allowed these opportunities most likely if the GOP had their current agenda enforced in shutting DACA down and deporting them back to their homeland.


Ken Paxton who is the Attorney General representing the state of Texas, spearheaded the movement by putting President Donald Trump and Staff on notice that if DACA was not appealed, there would be litigation shortly after the deadline of September 5th. The litigation would involve the determination to halt any new applicants to the program and prevent current beneficiaries from renewing their stay or status. This proposal is intended to act as a phasing out through the entire elimination of DACA altogether.


Those directly affected or in the community of the Hispanic Assembly came together with John Kelly, who is the Secretary of Homeland Security, this past week to be briefed on details. Kelly confirmed that the DACA program was in the works to be dismantled by legislation and would affect the 800,000 members already involved. He went on to say that there are currently cases that have already begun challenging the movement in fact. Some privy inner circle citizens and party affiliates had heard word of this previously and had started to assimilate to meet the challenge where it lies, but were unaware of how advanced the move to end DACA actually is.


Those who support the DACA program including other coalitions like the Arizona DREAM Act Group, argue that it is more than worth fighting to keep on the table of legislation. Statistics show that out of all enrolled DACA members, a whopping 95% are currently contributing to the economy through continued education and holding jobs. Most, in fact, are both working and going to school at the same time, which is a testament to the value and fortitude of those benefitting. Records from enrolled DACA case members note that a large percentage of beneficiaries have worked so hard that they were able to increase their salaries and successfully pay the higher tax rates as a result. These are hardworking legal citizens who are bringing revenue into the marketplace no different than any other member of society.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s Frontera Fund and team will be at the helm to further advocacy against ending DACA. The Frontera Fund has served many civil rights groups and causes that help protect the rights of Hispanics and those who have experienced inequality or racial harassment in the pursuit of a better quality of life in the United States of America.