Talos Energy : The Takeover Of The Gulf Of Mexico

It is said that mother nature discriminates against no one, not even CEO of Talos Energy Tim Duncan. After two days of nonstop rain and wind from Hurrican Harvey, Tim Duncan’s Kingwood, Texas hometown was overcome with over 6 feet of floodwaters. Duncan and his family were then forced to evacuate via FEMA rescue boat.

Although the flood would have been a bad enough situation for anyone, for Tim Duncan it was more than just an inconvenience, it could have cost his company a huge opportunity to grow. Tim Duncan was in the midst of working on a $2.5 billion merger deal that would see Talos Energy taking over a recent bankrupt Stone Energy Corporation. The merger would mean that Talos Energy would be able to become a public entity without having to go into an expensive public offering.

Not wanting to use the flood as an excuse to give up or produce poor results, Duncan would take shelter in his mothers Houston home (one of the few dry spots in Houston) and continue his work from the homes dining room table. A few months later in May, Tim Duncan and Stone Energy reached a deal to a merger. Tim Duncan would now lead a company with almost $900 million in annual revenue and most of its assets in the Gulf of Mexico. Although contrary to many experts stating that the Gulf is a very risky area to own platforms, Duncan knew that the $700 million in debt compared to its $2.3 billion in assets was enough of an offset to move forward with the merger. It is often said that Talos Energy tends to take over projects with high risk, though this is merely a mirror characteristic of its Chief Executive Officer Tim Duncan. In fact, managing director of Citi Jerry Schretter has stated publicly “For Tim, crises are an opportunity.”

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Talos Energy Acquisition

Talos Energy is one of the most independent gas and oil companies led by a team of experienced individuals with decades of experience in matters relating to offshore exploration and subsequent production of oil and gas. With deep water assets located in Gulf of Mexico, the firm boasts with expertise in exploring, exploiting, and optimizing its holdings by employing cutting-edge and innovative technologies.

The company is proud to have a cohesive group that has been working together for over a decade enabling the firm to gain a strong track record in addition to producing stellar results. With year after year of success, the firm went ahead to acquire Whistler Energy for $52 million, an acquisition that mostly bolstered the firm’s presence across the Gulf of Mexico.

While the purchase price of Whistler Energy stood at $52 million, the overall net cash for the whole acquisition stood at $14 million for Talos, a figure that represented an acquisition metric that was to stand at $9,333 per the net barrel of oil that is equivalent per day.


Since the acquisition of Whistler Energy, Talos Energy has gone ahead to increase its asset base. With the purchase, the company was able to add 16,494 acres to its asset base in addition to three blocks, namely Green Canyon 18, Ewing Bank 988, and the Green Canyon 60.

Besides, the acquisition meant the company would assume possession of another permanent production platform that’s situated at Block 18 of the Grand Canyon with a production capacity of close to 35,000 barrels of oil in a single day. The acquisition of Whistler Energy was a blessing of sorts to Talos Energy as production has never decreased.

Increased Presence in the Gulf of Mexico

With the firm’s latest acquisition, Talos Energy was able to improve and strengthen its name and presence in the Gulf of Mexico. Whistler Energy was a company well-known across the Gulf of Mexico. But with Talos going ahead and acquiring Whistler Energy, it was able to increase its presence in the Gulf of Mexico region that’s well known for its rich deposits of oil and gas.

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Talos Energy

Talos Energy is one of the famous independent gas and oil companies in the region. The firm boasts leadership and management services that are provided by its management team. Talos’ management team of staff has extensive experience and knowledge in production and offshore exploration. The team has been providing those services for decades. Talos Energy is led by a team of experts at purchasing and acquiring developed and shelf deep water resources in the Gulf of Mexico. The company then explores, exploits and optimizes the acquired resources using technological approaches and cutting-edge seismic techniques.

The company management team has a remarkable reputation that it has acquired since it ventured into oil and gas business. The team has a track record of positive outcomes regarding customer relations and productivity. Before establishing Talos Energy, the management team had built two Gulf of Mexico oil and gas firms and later sold them off to their current owners. The two companies, Gryphon Exploration Co. and Phoenix Exploration Co. delivered significant profits to the firm’s management team of equity investors.

Talos Energy Company values its customers and builds its pride in helping them and the general public to improve their livelihood. Talos is among the big companies that are always involved in charitable activities.

After the unpredicted occurrence of Harvey Hurricane that left thousands of Texas residents homeless, Talos was one of the parties that stretched a helping hand. The Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, Mr. Duncan Tim and his family were among the people affected by the Hurricane Harvey. After sensing the danger that was signaled by power blackout and impassibility of roads around Texas, Duncan took his spouse, little son and two pets and jumped into a FEMA rescue boat to save their lives.

After hours of struggle, Duncan realized that the floods caused by the Hurricane Harvey was not going to reduce any time soon and he had to seal an imperative deal for Talos Energy. He went on to ask for a favor for private airplane that took him and his family to Alabama. Returning to Texas, Duncan and his family spent weeks at his parent’s home where he closed the deal from.

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Obsidian Energy Helps Canada Produce Its Own energy

Energy is the lifeblood of a country’s economy. And a country who has to rely on energy imports is at the mercy of the seller. Thanks to the hard work of Obsidian Energy, Canada has been able to experience a level of energy security which has become the envy of other nations.


Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Obsidian Energy employs over 300 energy drillers, producers and executives who produce about 31,000 barrels of oil or the energy equivalent per day. This type of production has helped Canadians enjoy energy at a lower price than those who have to rely on imports from far-flung countries.


Obsidian Energy was founded in 1979 when it was then known as Penn West Exploration Limited. In the several decades since, the company has grown rapidly to become a member of the S&P/TSX 60 at its peak in 2008. Today Obsidian is continuing to produce thousands of barrels oil and gas while running a leaner and stronger operation.


Obsidian Energy runs three major operations in the Alberta Providence which employs hundreds of local drillers and other energy experts. Located in Alberta, the Peace River Oil Sands operation which produces 4,823 boe per day with a netback of $23/boe. Just west of Edmonton is the Pembina Cardium operation which produces 18,876 boe with a netback of $20/boe. Finally, there is the Alberta Viking operation producing 1,766 boe with a netback of $22/boe.


Led by a team of dedicated managers, Obsidian Energy has a team of energy experts with decades of experience in the oil and gas space. President and Chief Executive Officer David L. French has worked at some of the largest energy producers before joining Obsidian in October 2016. And Vice President of Development & Operations, Tony Berthelet, has almost two decades of energy experience in North America as well as South America, Russia, and the Middle East. Go Here for additional information.


From management to field operations, Obsidian Energy is helping Canada become more energy sufficient while employing hundreds of Canadians in well-paying energy jobs. Looking forward, Obsidian Energy will continue to become a force in the oil and gas sector.


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Obsidian Every Is Moving Forwards

In the oil and gas industry, there are many competitive companies that are trying to get the customers that they need in order to stay in business. For many of them, they need to look at what they are doing in order to create what they want.


One company in the field that has already done that is Obsidian Energy. Obsidian Energy was once Penn West Petroleum Ltd. When they name changed, so did the way that they handled their business. They are more determined than ever to acquire more business.


They are one of the top 60 companies on Canadian Stock Exchange. This is good news for them because they do have good assets and a great portfolio, which makes them desirable. They are located in Alberta, Canada. This is in the western part of the country where they have a lot of oil wells.


The workers at Obsidian Energy are dedicated and professional. They want to see their company succeed in all that they do. Their goals are the same as the company. They want to acquire more and more business and become a key player in the oil and gas industry. Since they have the abilities to do so, they should see their success in a very short time. Go To This Page for additional information.x`


In the future, Obsidian Energy should see a rise in their customer base. They will get the needed exposure that they wish to have. Since they are able to get the word out, they will find that more customers will be attracted to their business acumen. This will bode well for them, and they will see an increase in their business. This is what they want because they want to be one of the leaders in their industry. In all ways, they are going to make sure that this happens for them.


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