Surf Air Expands Destinations And Memberships

Surf Air, a Santa Monica-based charter flight company, is upgrading memberships across the board to celebrate five years of flying. This is great news for anybody who is already a customer of Surf Air. LAX, where the airline is based, has been under construction for quite some time now. But construction has completed on the airport’s Private Suite LAX which is a private concourse for Surf Air members and others.

This allows customers to zip right to the plane without any hassles. Customers are given the privilege of avoiding big crowds and long security lines at other terminals. The Private Suite LAX gives Surf Air customers their own TSA screening and US Customs and Immigration checks.

And Surf Air customers will be treated to private shuttles across the tarmac to their plane while their bags are handled automatically. It’s the most hassle-free flying experience that California’s largest airport has to offer.

The charter flight company is also proud to have partnered with Founders Card. This exclusive membership community has over 25,000 members of innovators, business people and entrepreneurs. Surf Air may be one of the best ways to network in the country as only the most powerful and connected people have the privilege of flying the airline.

And this all comes from a company that started just five years ago. The charter flight company wanted to give those with means the ability to enjoy the most out of their weekends. They flew to California destinations such as Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. Now they have announced an expansion to 20 different European cities.

Members will now be able to arrange charter flights to cities like Milan, Z├╝rich, Brussels, Vienna, Munich and Nice. And Surf Air has announced an additional partnership with Blade Air based out of New York City.

This allows Surf Air members to take advantage of Blade Air’s network. This will allow members to take helicopters to places like Newport from Manhattan. Seaplanes also run to destinations such as Nantucket. And Surf Air members will be allowed access to Blade’s network of member lounges across the Northeastern United States.

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