Guilherme Paulus Will Inaugurate A New Luxury Hotel In São Paulo

Guilherme Paulus is known by the media and the Brazilian people for his success as a businessman in the tourism industry. As a co-founder of the tourism operator CVC Operadora y Agencia de Viagens S.A Paulus achieved success in his twenties and has kept on succeeding with each additional business venture.

Paulus is an important name in Brazil, and the entrepreneur has the ability to affect the tourism market. Due to his high success in the tourism market, it was not unusual to see Guilherme Paulus enter the hotel business.


Even after earning a large sum of money that was estimated at $420 million with the sale of shares of CVC to the Carlyle Group, Guilherme Paulus continues to work hard as chairman of CVC Operadora y Agencia de Viagens S.A and as a board member and president of GJP Hotels and Resorts. GJP purchased an iconic building in São Paulo and will inaugurate a luxury hotel there. It is the same building where the DPZ advertising agency was located on the Avenida Cidade Jardim.

The hotel will be completed sometime between 2020 and 2021. It will include 65 apartments, a rooftop space with a restaurant and event space. We do not know which flag will grace the luxurious property, except that the intention is to create a new brand that is not in the GJP group and beyond São Paulo, they might also think of using a flag for Rio de Janeiro, similar to the luxurious Emiliano hotels.

With Guilherme Paulus’ high standards and attention to detail, it is expected that the new hotel will meet the same standards and expectations of GJP’s other luxury hotels. GJP’s top luxury hotels are located in the Serra Gaúcha: Saint Andrews Gramado and Wish Serrano Resort. Other brands used by the GJP group are Prodigy and Linx.

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Hotelier Shiraz Boghani’s Business Ventures

Shiraz Boghani is a well known businessman who has many years of experience in the hospitality industry. He has worked with and formed several corporations in the past and is currently working with Sussex Healthcare as a partner in their business. Shiraz has founded Sojourn Hotels with other partners. He is acting as the company chairman at the present time. Shiraz Boghani’s experience has made this hotel appear on the top of the travel industries lists. The quality of the accommodations are excellent and he strives to keep his many visitors happy.

Splendid Hospitality is a company which oversees all of the day to day operations of the hotel chains within its portfolio. Shiraz Boghani is the director of Splendid Hospitality and has been able to get funding for all of its needs. Mr. Boghani is well respected in the banking industry and has a good working relationship with several institutions. He uses his current assets in order to obtain funding to purchase additional hotels. As a certified accountant, he knows where to best invest his funds and how to get the most out of his money.

Shiraz Boghani recently won an award at the Asian Business Awards where he was named Hotelier of the Year. This is a high honor among the hospitality industry. His professionalism in work and the quality care his guests receive were all mentioned at the ceremony. Shiraz Boghani talked about the future plans for his operations when accepting the award. His intentions are to market it globally and to acquire many additional units.

He is very active in community work in his spare time working with several charitable organizations. He believes that there needs to be changes made in the current healthcare system to allow all people to get the care they need. He works extensively helping the aged in his community. Shiraz Boghani is originally from Africa and moved to England many years ago. He has seen what the effects of poor healthcare is on older citizens.

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