Jeremy Goldstein as one of the recommendable lawyers to New York State Bar Association

Technology is one of the critical factors that help to increase the efficiency of operation in any given market or profession. New York State Bar Association which is one of the largest law firms in New York has launched a new form of online technology to help the New Yorkers access the legal services through the best lawyers in the country. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

The only requirement for the clients to obtain the services is by visiting the firm’s website where they are required to fill a confidential form. The form is then reviewed by the New York State Bar Association to assess the type of the problem and match the client with the lawyer who suits to represent him or her. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Quora

With a large number of the experienced lawyer in New York, it is easy for the clients to access them at lower costs and get the best services. The first consultation with the lawyers is charged at some affordable fixed fees. If the client decides to continue with the same lawyer, it’s upon the lawyer and the client to negotiate about the fees.

Well, one of the best lawyers who can be recommended for New York State Bar Association is Jeremy Goldstein who has a vast experience in the law sector. He is one of the founders and the partners at Jeremy L Goldstein and Associates which is also one of the largest Law firms in the United States.

The firm specializes in such issues such as the compensation of employees, compensation of committees, CEOs, Corporate governance matters among others. He has also worked in some companies and law firms where he has been involved in the making of their success stories.

Some of the companies Jeremy Goldstein worked in are the general motor, United Technologies where he is one of the founders of the company, and he was the former president and the CEO of the United Technologies.

He has also been involved in many most significant corporate transactions such as the acquisition of the Truven Health Analytics by IBM among others.

Jeremy Goldstein has also made a significant number of achievements and has also come up with many solutions for a lot of challenges that are encountered by the firm.

As a result, Jeremy Goldstein is a good example that is recommendable for New York State Bar Association as one of the best lawyers and as one of the legal advisors of the firm as they carry out their strategic plans.

Alex Pall. A remarkable figure in the music industry

Alex Pall is one of the duo DJs in New York known as The Chain Smokers. He grew up with the passion for music and DJing and duo to his hard work and determination, and he was able to turn his interest into a career. He started working as a DJ in New York since he was a young man until he got the golden opportunity to work at Chain Smokers where he has been working until today. With his partnership with Andrew Taggart, they have been able to break records in their band by raising some songs such as ‘Closer’,’ don’t let me down’ among others. Today they have become so famous, but they never stop growing since they are continuing to put more effort to see that they increase the number of audiences they capture through their songs.

In one of their latest interviews, Alex Pall says that one of the main factors that have contributed to the success of The Chain Smokers band is that both of them have the same interests and they have always known how important teamwork is when it comes to the building of a career. They used to observe what’s going around in the world of music and then they could plan on how to produce their music according to the latest trends in the industry.

According to Alex Pall, working with the most successful people in the industry and having them as their role models, is also one of the critical factors that have led to their success. He says that working with Halsey on one of the songs called ‘Closer’ was one of their best experiences. Halsey is one of the most successful and respected stars in the Music industry. The main reason why working with successful people is so helpful is because they can give you a challenge and have the right or positive influence on you that will enable you to continue pressing on to attain your goals.

The Chain Smokers have had increased number of an audience since their songs target all types of people staring at the young people to the old people in the society. With their hard work and the urge to continue growing the industry, it is evident they in the coming years their recognition in the music industry will have increased to significant levels.