Dr. Jennifer Walden Uses Cutting Age Technology In Her Instagram Posts

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular forms of social media. This is a great way for people to share ideas and pictures of their lives. It’s also a fantastic tool that doctors today can use in order to show patients new technological advances. Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone devoted to the use of technology. Dr. Walden is a one of the nation’s leading plastic surgeons. She’s also someone who is used to breaking down barriers. In her life, she’s chosen to pursue the world of plastic surgery. This is a field that few woman have entered before her. Forging full speed ahead is very much who she is. Those who like her work and have worked with her before can follow her on Instagram. Her posts are also a good source of information for people who are considering plastic surgery but aren’t sure if it would be a good fit for them. As a doctor, she’s always on top of the latest development that continue to push her field forward and provide so many wonderful services for her patients.

One of the latest ventures showcased on her Instagram account is a podcast. In this podcast, she’s talking about a new form of cosmetic treatment that is totally non-invasive. Such treatment options are ideal for patients who prefer holistic methods. In this show, she directly addresses the questions people may have about new treatments that can offer them a way to get the body they want. She speaks closely about potential options that people can make use of that will provide maximum benefits at less cost and with fewer complications. For example, treatments such as Emsculpt, and one known as the Big D Wave are very much treatments she knows about and can help people decide if that’s what they want to do. Her account at Instagram is just chock full of such useful advice. It’s all about what works for the patient and providing them with the kind of choices they want in life. It’s also why so many followers continue to see what she has in store.

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Remarkable Achievements of Wes Edens at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group manages assets worth more than $43 billion and the process started out as a very simple firm which has subsequently become a financial assets manager of liquid equity, hedge funds, bonds, equity, and bonds as well. Wes Edens happens to be one of the founders of the company and currently serving in the position of the co-chair as well as the co-chief executive of the board. The company began its operations in 1998 which was spearheaded by Wes Eden and four other partners who believed that a combination of their expertise would bring out tremendous achievements in the company. The company has been able to move to other countries in a bid to making major capital developments. Wes Edens began managing multiple investments in the renowned Jamaica Liquefied Natural Gas.

Wes Edens Education and Career Back Ground

Wes Edens was a very hardworking person while in high school. He was able to pass through his high school where he managed to perform very well. Later he joined Oregon University for a Bachelors of Science degree in Finance. The skills and knowledge he obtained from the institution made him become a finance expert and was ready for every challenge.

Wes started his career in a California based bank and he managed to land into prominent positions. He was able to become the Operating Partner and the Managing Director of Lehman Brothers. He served the company for six years and went on to join BlackRock Financial Management. He was able to establish private equity for the first time in his career.

His success at the company was able to prepare him for Fortress. He was able to rise to the top positions in the company before he could start private equity investing. His new challenge, Fortress was a company that was formed through a combination of expertise and experience which made him a professional hedge fund manager as well as a private investor. The partners have been able to venture into transportation, healthcare, energy industry as well as financial services. It is the today’s leader in private equity and hedge fund management and has been able to successfully grow their assets to a greater level.

Freedom Checks Offer New Investment Opportunity to Americans

Freedom Checks was created in 2016 by Matt Badiali. It is a tax-free investment opportunity that allows over 500 businesses in the energy industry to send quarterly or monthly checks to their investors. These businesses are called master limited partnerships and are involved in the natural gas and oil industry. These firms receive a special tax exemption when they give their investors 90 cents of every dollar from their earnings as distributions, similar to dividends. These master limited partnerships are not subject to the federal income tax and their investors are taxed at lower capital gains rate if they sell their shares. If investors do not sell, they are not taxed at all as their earnings are treated as return of capital rather than income. All of these policies make investing in the energy sector extremely appealing. It is reported that some shareholders receive up to $160,000 every quarter. U.S. citizens can start receiving Freedom Checks by buying shares for as low as $50.

Due to the large number of scams and schemes on the internet, many Americans have been hesitant to jump on the Freedom Check wagon. Matt Badiali has over two decades of experience in natural resources and is considered an expert in the industry. Badiali introduced Freedom Checks as an investment resulting from America’s goal of becoming energy independent in the near future. Due to the substantial decrease in imported oil from the Middle East there has been an increase in oil and gas production in the United States. The American companies involved in this are expected to generate large profits. These profits are estimated to be able to pay out $34.6 billion in Freedom Checks in the next year alone. Badiali estimates that some companies could see gains ranging from 5889%-39832%, meaning a $1000 investment could turn into $398,000. 568 companies are now involved and issue monthly or quarterly payments and many Americans who have invested are seeing the substantial returns.

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Betsy DeVos and Educational Aspirations

Betsy DeVos isn’t one to act like a slacker. She’s probably never uttered the word in her entire life. She’s actually always been the polar opposite of a slacker. She’s been a tireless champion for all sorts of causes since day one. People who remember her youth know that all too well. Elisabeth Prince was a Michigan girl who had major ambitions on her side. She was a hard-working Calvin College pupil who wanted to accomplish a lot in the United States and all around the world. She’s kept her word, too.


DeVos has been “Betsy DeVos” for a long while now. Her memories of life as Miss Prince, however, have never strayed far from her thoughts. She’s been in a marriage with Dick DeVos for a good number of decades. They’re two individuals who think in matters that are similar. They’re both endlessly passionate about social and political causes of all kinds. They’re both people who go above and beyond for things that make them tick, too. Education is an invaluable topic for these Michigan folks. Betsy is the American Education Secretary. President Donald Trump knew that she’d be a good fit for the position. Dick is a skillful businessman who has been part of all kinds of endeavors throughout the years. The West Michigan Aviation Academy is a noted charter school he set up in 2010. It’s situated at the airport in wonderful Grand Rapids, Michigan, too. Its location isn’t at all bewildering. The students who attend the academy want to learn about air travel and aviation as an overarching topic. That’s why they need to have rapid access to planes of all kinds.


Betsy DeVos doesn’t lie to people. She likes to be upfront with them. If she believes something, she doesn’t ever hesitate to say it. Although she’s a woman who is interested in integrity at all times, she’s also an individual who grasps the power of tranquility. She likes to maintain interactions with others that are easy and devoid of hassles. She doesn’t like to confront people unnecessarily. People will never see her taking part in screaming matches. They’ll never see her behave in a way that isn’t 100 percent cool.


DeVos is a mother who loves nurturing others. She adores looking out for people who need her. That may explain her devotion to the educational division. She’s had lengthy chats with American families that have frets that involve choice and education. She’s had lengthy chats with parents who want guidance that involves school selection. It isn’t unheard of for American parents to lack guidance in the educational division. They often feel lost about their kids’ educational journeys. DeVos wishes to enhance the American educational experience for children and for all of their family members. That’s precisely why she brings educational choice subjects to light day in and day out. She doesn’t want people to have to be okay with schools that aren’t appropriate for their aspirations. She wants people to have the things they deserve.


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Fortress Investment Group Thrives Through M&A

Fortress Investment Group is one organization that has been in the admiration of many investors and industry players due to its terrific performance in various aspects of its services to the customers. A lot of customers have indicated their satisfaction with the services that they get from the organization, which are mainly investment financial management. The customer service is made excellent by the motivated employees in the organization who are always ready to put smiles on the faces of their clients whenever they seek their services. Due to the high quality of the customer service that Fortress Investment Group offers to the clients, it has managed to acquire a lot of clients from both the United States and the rest of the world.

Fortress Investment Group has won awards in the industry that have made the company to be very popular with the clients and investors. Some of the awards that the company has been awarded include that of the best hedge fund manager and the best management of the credit funds. These departments of the portfolio are managed by one of the CEOs of the company, Peter Briger, who joined Fortress Group from Goldman Sachs where he had been working for more than three decades. At the Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger had been trained in the management of distressed assets and also the management of various assets in an alternative portfolio. With this kind of knowledge and experience, he brought a lot of development to the company, which could never have been achieved without his insights and advice.

Fortress Investment Group has had a great emphasis on managing mergers and acquisition. Over the two decades in which the company has been in existence, it has managed to acquire several organizations that have tremendously impacted on the value of the company. Some of the firms that it acquired include the Canadian company Intrawest, RailAmerica, and other companies that were leaders in their economic sectors. The benefits that both the acquirer and the acquired organizations got from each other were essential, and hence the relationships they had were mutual.

The acquisition transaction that shocked many individuals and companies in the industry was the one that involved Fortress Investment Group and a Japanese international firm that deals with the telecommunication and technology business, Soft Bank Group. A lot of people criticized the decision of Fortress’ management to be purchased by Soft Bank. However, the principals of the company indicated that the decision was well-meditated and the Fortress Group was expected to benefit from the engagement.

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Talos Energy

Talos Energy is one of the famous independent gas and oil companies in the region. The firm boasts leadership and management services that are provided by its management team. Talos’ management team of staff has extensive experience and knowledge in production and offshore exploration. The team has been providing those services for decades. Talos Energy is led by a team of experts at purchasing and acquiring developed and shelf deep water resources in the Gulf of Mexico. The company then explores, exploits and optimizes the acquired resources using technological approaches and cutting-edge seismic techniques.

The company management team has a remarkable reputation that it has acquired since it ventured into oil and gas business. The team has a track record of positive outcomes regarding customer relations and productivity. Before establishing Talos Energy, the management team had built two Gulf of Mexico oil and gas firms and later sold them off to their current owners. The two companies, Gryphon Exploration Co. and Phoenix Exploration Co. delivered significant profits to the firm’s management team of equity investors.

Talos Energy Company values its customers and builds its pride in helping them and the general public to improve their livelihood. Talos is among the big companies that are always involved in charitable activities.

After the unpredicted occurrence of Harvey Hurricane that left thousands of Texas residents homeless, Talos was one of the parties that stretched a helping hand. The Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, Mr. Duncan Tim and his family were among the people affected by the Hurricane Harvey. After sensing the danger that was signaled by power blackout and impassibility of roads around Texas, Duncan took his spouse, little son and two pets and jumped into a FEMA rescue boat to save their lives.

After hours of struggle, Duncan realized that the floods caused by the Hurricane Harvey was not going to reduce any time soon and he had to seal an imperative deal for Talos Energy. He went on to ask for a favor for private airplane that took him and his family to Alabama. Returning to Texas, Duncan and his family spent weeks at his parent’s home where he closed the deal from.

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JHSF Company- What you should know

JHSF is a Brazil-based company whose operations involve investing in real estates, shopping malls as well as gastronomy. The JHSF company was founded in 1972 by two partners Jose Roberto and Fabio alongside the other two partners. Throughout the company’s operations, JHSF has accumulated the market value of over 1.20 billion. The success has propelled JHSF into the leading real estate company in Brazil prioritizing in recurrent income assets in hotels, malls, and airports.

Since the beginning of the JHSF Company, it’s widely known due to its style of operations where the company concentrates on identifying new market opportunities. JHSF pioneers the innovation and ability to provide excellent solutions for all clients. The company works in four business units to ensure incorporation, construction, and execution of real estate services.

JHSF International mostly does its operations in Uruguay and the United States. Over the past years, the company has brought essential development in Uruguay through building residential real estate and developing the 815 at the Fifth Avenue in the United States. Besides, JHSF has won many awards such as the best company in Brazil and the Planned daring award, both in 2012.

It’s worth noting that a company requires competent managers for better results and profit conversions. In this case, the JHSF CEO Jose Auriemo Neto serves as both the chairman and the chief executive officer of the JHSF company. Auriemo Neto’s significant role in the company is to oversee the company’s interest in the hotel and build developments. Also, Neto administers the company’s retail portfolio and the group’s extensive shopping.

Initially, Fabio Auremo Neto took over the company’s management role at a time when JHSF only concentrated on incorporation and construction services. Later, Fabio expanded the company’s operations to shopping malls where there were high-income markets. JHSF company owns hotels and malls in Brazilian capital such as the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz. Besides, JHSF owns commercial buildings in different metropolises. Summing up, JHSF aims to concentrate on the high-income segment investing in acquiring recurring income and increasing their assets. So far the JHSF company has accumulated over $1.20 billion as income assets.

OSI Food Solutions is in a Great Place These Days

Consistent growth and a total commitment to serving its customers are the hallmarks of the business model at OSI Food Solutions. OSI, well known as one of the world’s largest food processing companies, has a history that goes back to the early twentieth century and is now an operation with facilities in 17 different countries around the world. OSI Food Solutions has always been about growth. First, this growth was within the company’s original area of Chicago, Illinois. Next, the firm expanded to cover the midwest before going national and then international. The international expansion of OSI Food Solutions started in the 1970s and it hasn’t slowed down since.

OSI company officials, food service icons such as Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald, have a commitment to continuing to fuel the company’s success with further growth. This growth greatly assists OSI in being able to serve its customer base at the highest level. The fact that OSI is committed to further expansion can be seen by the fact that the firm has made extra efforts in this area in recent years. There have been various types of growth that OSI has participated in since 2016. These types of growth include expansion, acquisitions and mergers.

On the expansion end of things, OSI Food Solutions has had several major ones since 2016. The expansion work done in Toledo, Spain has seen that particular facility double its chicken productions along with some other great expansions at the facility that improved security as well as employee experience. OSI also expanded operations in Chicago, Illinois when it purchases the former Tyson Food processing facility. This adds a second Chicago facility which is a huge boost for the company’s operations in that region. OSI officials have been absolutely thrilled with both of these great expansion projects.

On the acquisition end of things, OSI Food Solutions was on the move in Europe. The company gained control of the U.K.’s Flagship Europe and the Netherlands based Baho Food. These companies have now joined the OSI family and are looking forward to a bright future. Both companies are ideal fits for the OSI brand. Flagship has taken on the new name of Creative Foods Europe.

In terms of mergers, OSI Food has entered into a huge merger with the Australian poultry producer Turi Foods. This merger is absolutely huge for both companies and dramatically increases OSI’s presence in the country of Australia.


Paul Mampilly’s Rare Talent To Spot Rising And Promising Investment Opportunities

Paul Mampilly’s Rare Talent to Spot Rising and Promising Investment Opportunities

Paul Mampilly is an undisputed success resulting from hard work, a quick-witted perception of life and up-to-date information on his endeavors. While there are plenty of investors in United States, a few gain longstanding recognition through appraised public platforms such as television. Paul has featured on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and Fox Business for his expertise on Wall Street’s trading trends.

Paul’s success is more fascinating because after arriving to the United States from India, he quickly adopted to the fast life and high technology. He owns a Wall Street’s advisory firm, Profits Unlimited, which provides quality and routinely accurate guides to more than 130,000 clients. Paul Mampilly utilizes his preceding experience working for ING, Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust, a private Swiss Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. The investor also contributes his knowhow to the newspapers Winning Investor Daily, True Momentum, Extreme Fortunes, The $10 Million Portfolio and Rapid Profit Trader. He has an avid interest in rising technological money schemes such as the cryptocurrency, and regularly shares his supported views on his social media accounts.

Most recently, Paul Mampilly shared his perception on why the cryptocurrencies will continue experiencing a volatile market. He cautioned that while he normally advises clients to avoid the tumultuous investment, there is a tiny tweak to gaining benefits without losing actual money. In another news update, Paul revealed that crypto technology could be the next big thing in the medical field.

Paul Mampilly stated that block chain could ease recording and management of patients’ data, procession of bills and reduce the work overload in all medical centers. He is positive that crypto will be a big mining opportunity for prospective investors waiting on its merge to the medical world.

One of the ways crypto will benefit medicine is with the development of electronic pills. The digitized pills could help track effectiveness of drugs through digital sensors that indicate signals to a phone app. The pill will also alert a doctor in case the patient misses a dosage. According to Paul, investors will greatly benefit from buying e-pill stock after its official launch. The investor continues to research on little upcoming investment opportunities and extends his perception and anticipation to his subscribers.

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Ted Bauman: Why Diversification Is Key When Planning Your Retirement

No matter what you do, you will not have the strength to do it some days to come. This means you need to plan for what will happen to you at that time. You won’t be in that business or office forever. Planning for your retirement is crucial now that retirement is inevitable. However, planning for it isn’t enough. Your retirement plan should bring out the protection aspect. If the plan doesn’t seem to protect you in your retirement days, you should do away with it and adopt a better one. Most entrepreneur advisors like Ted Bauman have observed that many people come to realize they didn’t do something right when retirement is already here with them. Some of the errors people make when planning for their retirement become costlier than they thought.

Ted is one person you need to stay close to if you want to plan your retirement in the best way possible. His knowledge of retirement and its demands is something he has widely read about and experienced as well. Most of the entrepreneurial opinions he gives doesn’t just come from the materials he has read or his educations background, but also from his real-life experiences. He says many people go looking for jobs when they should be enjoying their retirement because of poor planning. Retirement planning is one of the topics Ted Bauman has widely shared through some of the popular social media platforms.

As a reputable and experienced Banyan Hill editor, Ted helps people to choose investments with low risks and security guarantee. His publishing company has become something most investors from any part of the world esteem. Ted Bauman says it’s hard to plan for your retirement well if you don’t embrace diversification. As any other respected financial guru would put it, you must look deeper when planning your retirement. Making great investments without a convincing retirement plan makes your golden days most regrettable. Most people embezzle the resources they get from their investments because they don’t have a viable retirement plan.

According to Ted Bauman, investing in other countries is a great idea. It’s not wise to put all your investments in one place. The solid advice Ted gives shows many people make a mistake when they assume their investments would remain safe forever. Although stocks would help you gain some retirement funds, Ted advises people not to depend on them alone. He says they should use other assets to fund their retirement. If people embraced diversification, they would make their retirement solid and enjoyable.