Talk Fusion: Invest In Yourself

When you sign up for Talk Fusion and really commit to it, it shows that you believe in yourself and you are investing in yourself.

After all, if you don’t believe in yourself and you don’t think what you are doing is worthwhile, why should anyone else? Of course, it is going to be new, scary, and a little different for most people out there. However, it is something that is worth doing because it is their life.

When it is something that matters this much, they owe it to themselves to do it and do it right. With video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats, they have everything one could need to do it right. Learn more about Talk Fusion: and

Talk Fusion truly enjoys it when they see that their customers are doing it right for themselves and their families. Their families have seen how unhappy they are and how down in the dumps they are about their lot in life.

They feel they have been dealt a bad hand, and they are not entirely sure how to get it back. Now, they see there is a road map, which shows them how to gain it back. Once they get it back, they are confident they are never going to give it up again.

With Talk Fusion, they are getting a company that had a truly remarkable 2016 ( It is not every single day a company wins one award let alone two awards. However, that is exactly what is happening over at Talk Fusion.

They received the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year from the Technology Marketing Corporation, which is quite a feat. This is a company that has a lot of products pass through their desk, each and every day. Because of this, they have incredibly high standards, which is a good thing. Read more: Talk Fusion | Wikipedia and Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion – Huffington Post

It means they know something special when they see it and when it arrives on their desk. It is clear they made quite an impression on this company in order to win two awards in 2016. It is nothing to sneeze at, that is for sure.

Fabletics is a Thorn in the Side of Amazon

No one ever thought that a company the size of Fabletics would be able to take on the internet giant known as Amazon. Up until this time, Amazon has been dominating everybody in the e-commerce fashion market. Whatever company decides to try and stand up against Amazon is either destroyed by the internet corporation or bought up before they can become competition. When Kate Hudson declared publicly that she was going to create the newest athleisure clothes that could compete with anything Amazon could create business analysis were stunned. However, Kate Hudson’s business, which is valued at $250 million, has been able to take on the $400 billion corporation. The reason that Kate Hudson can do this is that she has discovered how the leverage the power of the crowd.


We live in a day and age where the consumer no longer trusts the advertisements they see on the internet or TV. Most consumers will not purchase a product and lessons-review and they can confirm that review by several friends. This means that unless companies get their product past the tipping point, it is nearly impossible to make a fortune. Kate Hudson was able to get past this tipping point by taking the consumer and making them the priority. The Fabletics staff was required to respond to any Facebook message, consumer complaint, email, or customer inquiry within a 12 hour period. This connected with their no-nonsense customer service policy made Fabletics an immediate hit within the internet e-commerce fashion world. Because Kate Hudson put her customer first, she received a trust score of the 96.


This trust score would make her the competition Amazon feared. It allowed her to launch a subscription-based model that could deliver products to the customer taste on the timeframe they chose. The Fabletics begin to see immediately is that not only do people love the clothes that they were receiving, but they also wanted to purchase additional clothes online. Kate Hudson was able to report to her investors at this last quarterly phone call that 85% of Fabletics sales are coming through repeat customers. In business terms, this means that one customer is the equivalent of 8.5 customers for Fabletics.


Kate Hudson decided that will loyalty such as this it was time to open up retail locations. Many companies no longer are doing this because customers are coming in and searching for the product that they want to buy online and then going online to get the better price. However, Kate Hudson’s company was not a victim to this.


Kate Hudson found that when the retail stores are open half of the people coming inside were already loyal Fabletics subscribers. These loyal subscribers were bringing friends into the store who had not yet signed on the Fabletics. Kate Hudson was shocked to find out the 20% of those friends signed up for subscription by the time he left the store.


Everyone is encouraged to join Fabletics by taking the six question lifestyle quiz.

Worldwide Asset eXchange with Malcolm Casselle

People wishing to join business may hesitate due lack of proper plans. Before people start manufacturing goods, they need to understand the market well. Many people fail in business when it comes to the marketing of products. Having produced a lot of goods and there are no prospective customers may lead a lot of wastage. World Wide Asset eXchange is among the organizations assisting people to market their products. With the help of this group people now can adversity their goods online.


Business people only need to post their goods on this platform. After displaying the products, people will know begin to bid for a price. The highest bidder is always the winner and gets the item. Worldwide Asset eXchange enables people to sell their products abroad. Before this platform was introduced, people could spend a lot fee to market or sell their goods outside.


Worldwide Asset eXchange is now decentralized and accessible to many people. This is to ensure that its clients can manage to get the organization services with ease. Worldwide Asset eXchange mainly deals with marketing of virtue game assets. The organization uses tokenization which enables ownership of the virtual assets, creating a new, more accessible economy with the potential to expand in physical assets.


The most significant challenge in tokenization of an asset is determining of how to monitor tokens on the blockchain are always linked to their respective assets. The exchange process depends on the responsibility of the users in transporting of items called Transfer Agents. Guilds are the supervisory committee delegated to ensure that transfer agents work efficiently.


The two bodies transfer agent and Guilds must work hand in hand to ensure prosperity. Failure of one body can affect the whole organization. The two agencies assure that transaction are made in a right manner, and there is no computer hacking which can lead to loss of money.


Malcolm Casselle is the current president of the Worldwide Asset eXchange and also the CIO of OPSkins. Malcolm was also the president of CTO. Malcolm has assisted many industries to start using digital methods of production. This has made him be one the famous business people. Malcolm assisted the company to raise millions of money.


The Designers of Academy of Art University Stunned the Audience Once Again

The New York Fashion Week is one of the events at which new names are introduced and get a chance to shine and establish themselves. The Academy of Art University took part in the event for the 21st time in a row earlier this year at the beginning of September.


The New York Fashion Week was at the Skylight Clarkson Square which was the home to all things Style during the week. Some of the participants were recent BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and MFA (Master of Fine Arts) graduates, ten to be exact. The participants debuted two menswear collections and five womenswear collections, as well as a couple of collaborations amongst them.


From the full range of ideas and craftsmanship techniques of the debuted collections to the various backgrounds of the designers that created them, everything about the show at the New York Fashion Week was diverse and unique. The talent that was presented at the New York Fashion Week was recognized by guests such as Ms. J Alexander known for his work at America’s Next Top Model and the Director of Education and Professional Development at CFDA Sara Kozloski, among many others.


In the short time frame of only fifteen minutes, the participants presented the results of hours upon hours of brainstorming, creating, and polishing. The pieces were an enigmatic mixture of silhouettes, concepts, expressions, and materials.


From Quing Dao, China, Hailum Zhou who is an MFA of Fashion Design, drew her inspiration about the pieces from the photographs she had taken on a day’s trip to enrich herself with new creative ideas and concepts. She used materials such as PVC and vinyl to create the pieces, as well as other fabrics that were created by combining different elements and fusing them into one. Zhou was selected in 2017 for the CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase.


The designers and artists that debuted their pieces at the New York Fashion Week stunned the audience with their unique ideas and concepts that promoted views on the future of fashion and its sustainability, as well as creativity and thinking out of the box.



Jim Larkin – Hero of Ireland’s Industrial Workers

The Industrial Revolution brought a completely new way of life to the world. People started working in factories and other industrial settings. New problems with working conditions arose.

Some individuals put forth tremendous effort to create better working environments for people. One such individual is Jim Larkin, an Irish socialist who permanently changed the labour environment.

Jim Larkin was born in Liverpool in 1876 and died in 1947 in Dublin. He worked a variety of jobs in England, eventually joining the National Union of Dock Laborers.

The organization became unhappy with his militant strike methods, and transferred Larkin to Dublin in 1907. It was there that Larkin founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. It was his hope that all types of industrial workers could be in this single union.

Larkin organized demonstrations in Dublin, the most notable of which was the 1913 Dublin Lockout. This strike took place over eight months and involved over 100,000 workers. The strike eventually led to workers winning the right to fair employment.

After the lockout, Larkin traveled to the United States and attempted to make a living as a socialist speaker. Unfortunately for him, things did not go well and he wound up in prison and eventually deported in 1923. His popularity had waned back in Ireland, but Larkin was restored to good standing in the early 1940s. He was elected Labour TD for North East Dublin in 1943.

Today, this hero of the industrial worker is remembered for the phrase, “A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.” Jim Larkin’s commitment to the better working conditions of the common man have earned him a poignant place in Ireland’s history. Perhaps our modern employers could learn a thing or two from him.

Read more: James Larkin | Biography

What Makes Sussex Healthcare To Stand Out

Sussex is a UK based healthcare institution offering quality services for persons who are experiencing different forms of brain injuries, dementia, neurological diseases, various types of disabilities and sclerosis as well as exemplary services for seniors who need frequent care. The facility boasts of twenty homes staffed by experienced doctors and nurses who are highly trained and certified to treat varieties of conditions. The organization utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to provide support to patients 24/7.

An Incomparable Kind of Care

The company employs dedicated professionals who understand that sickness isn’t the only reason for being unhealthy. In light of this, they provide exceptional support for all the vital areas of life. Also, patients are allowed access to social and recreational activities during their free time. These programs help in promoting better health.

Customized Services

The services offered at Sussex Healthcare are many different forms, and they provide outstanding support for persons who need special care. The entire 20 home owned and run by Sussex offer person-centered for both younger and older people with physical and learning disabilities. They also provide 24/7 skilled nursing care services and variety of expert therapies. With remarkable facilities ranging from spa pools, a multi-sensory room, and track hoists, Sussex Healthcare can provide the best and most efficient solutions for different kinds of conditions.

Providing Care and Support for Older Persons

Finding the best home for your older loved ones is essential. Sussex Healthcare has an incredible reputation for offering the best care for seniors. The organization is committed to providing the safe, secure, and comfortable setting with care and support for each person to maximize their social, emotional, intellectual and physical abilities. What’s more, Sussex Healthcare employs trained chefs to ensure that your loved ones eat the healthy and delicious meals. The facility understands that patients need to be treated like family. That’s why they are doing whatever they can to make them comfortable and enjoy their stay here.

Activities and Amenities

Patient’s physical status is one of the things that Sussex Healthcare emphasis about. They are always encouraged to participate in various physical and mental activities. There are also exercises designed to improve and maintain joint stability. Other activities and amenities that make this facility worth your time include physiotherapy, cooking classes, spa tubs, art classes, swimming, rehabilitative exercises, and state-of-the-art gym equipment.

Learn more about Sussex Healthcare:

Get to taste your best wine and make a job out of it with Traveling Vineyard

While some people wake up angry on daily basis because they hate their jobs or the colleagues, wine guides at Traveling Vineyard wake up with a smile. The internet has offered a lot of opportunities. The most outstanding of all is the flexible working hours for those who have embraced the online working tradition. Traveling Vineyard gives all the wine guides who sell their wine a very golden opportunity. You get to do what you love and in your terms.

Those who love wine know how hard it is to find a perfect wine for different occasions. There are so many Vineyards coming up, and various brands are being introduced in the market. One can surely use some help in deciding the best wine for your occasions. This is where Traveling Vineyard Wine guides come in. To become one of the guides, all you need is about $180 to get the starter’s pack. In the package, you will be given tasting glasses, red and white wine bottles from traveling Vineyard, openers, chillers, and decanters among other necessary items. You will also receive some materials that will help you learn how to market the wine efficiently. As a new guide, you will have a mentor around your vicinity who will guide you whenever you need more help.

The wine will be enough for you to host two different tasting parties and give people a chance to taste the magnificent wine. You can organize the party at your house, invite friends, family or colleagues. All you need to do is to let them taste the wine and make sure they love it. Since the wine is made with grapes from France and the best from the US, your quests will start placing orders. You will earn a commission based on the number of people that buy the wine from your events. As you talk about the wine, make sure a few wine lovers know about how Traveling Vineyard works, if they enroll to become wine guides, you will earn more money or what is referred to as Royalties on top of your commission. After several people have bought wine from your parties, you will be given a website where people will be placing orders from, and you will quickly calculate your earnings.

Working at traveling vineyard is preferred because it is easy to make money as wine sells itself, wine lovers will keep coming back for more. You will need very little money to start working, and the job is a low-pressure type. You decide your working hours and venues and visit

Jim Larkin

Irish labor leader and social advocate, James Larkin identified and revolutionized trade unions through his empathic ambition to build one big union for all workers.

Larkin was born in 1876 in Liverpool, England to Irish parents. During his youth, he worked in an assortment of jobs ultimately turning out to be a foreman at the Liverpool dockyards.


He was recognized for getting the workers just and equitable conditions and joined the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL). He went on to become a full time trade union organizer. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Larkin was transferred to Dublin where he founded the Irish Transport & General Workers Union (ITGWU). Larkin’s ambition for the ITGWU was to combine all Irish industrial workers into one union that would benefit both experienced and inexperienced workers.

He set out to establish an eight hour work day, retirement funds for all workers at the age of 60, compulsory arbitration courts, among other objectives.

Larkin teamed up with James Connolly to form the Irish Labour Party which was responsible for leading a run of strikes. The most noteworthy strike, the 1913 Dublin Lockout, involved more than 100,000 workers who went on strike for more than seven months and ultimately gained the right to fair employment. Read more: James Larkin | Biography

At the start of World War 1, Larkin held several large anti-war protest rallies in Dublin. He also traveled to the United States to raise funds where he joined the Socialist Party of America and the Industrial Workers of the World.

He was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison for taking part in the workers’ movement. After three years he was shown leniency, pardoned and extradited to Ireland.

Larkin continued to take part in the activities of trade unions until his death in 1947. Larkin and his wife Elizabeth had four sons.

A Lot More Is Being Provided By Securus Technologies

I have seen that Securus Technologies is not forcing inmates to use their communication devices. In case the inmates have their own mobile devices, they can use these too inside the jails. After all, this way they get access to their contact lists too. This has to be used in conjunction with the Wireless Containment Solutions (WCS) bandwidths. This way the inmates get access to important telephone numbers as well as texting addresses.


Meanwhile, Securus Technologies will be doing the necessary recording as well as monitoring of all such communication. This means that even though this would be stimulating usage and communications of all kinds, it will be done in a safe and controlled way. This is because the facilities have the responsibility to keep all the concerned parties safe.


Over here, stimulating usage would include providing access to safe data along with safe databases. Hence Securus Technologies is providing a centralized online platform that will provide access to books, video, as well as audio, along with law libraries. The inmates can know about visitation schedules, various facility rules, as well as forms, and religious texts. They get access to entertainment options like music, movies, besides healthcare schedules and even the healthcare resources, along with job finders, and much more. This would be provided in a much faster and safer way. Next, Securus Technologies wants to deliver all these benefits at lower rates. They possess the technology, people, as well as products. Now they would like to use all these in a way that will benefit everyone.


The headquarters of Securus Technologies is in Dallas, Texas. It is serving over 3,450 public safety, as well as law enforcement along with corrections agencies today. The company serves more than 1,200,000 inmates that are spread all across North America.


How Lori Senecal Is Leveraging Her Creativity To Win At Business

Is creativity the next big thing in business? A magazine that is known as Fast Company magazine certainly seems to think so. Each year the team at Fast Company magazine takes the time to create a list that is comprised of one hundred luminaries in business that it calls The Most Creative People In Business. The individuals that Fast Company includes on its list are professionals that work in a wide range of businesses from mobile technology, to film, to the world of music, to the journalism industry or the advertising industry. The list is meant to be a celebration of the professionals who have applied their ability to dream up big and new ideas to the work that they do.

The 2017 installment of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business included many interesting and deserving names. Some of the many professionals that were included on the list were comedian Fred Armisen who is part of the duo behind the TV show Portlandia, actor and musician Donald Glover who recently won a Golden Globe for his work on his television show Atlanta and Teen Vogue digital director Phillip Picardi for his efforts to help turn the magazine in a robust media brand for a new generation of teen girls. Advertising star Lori Senecal was also selected by Fast Company magazine as one of its Most Creative People in Business.

According to Fast Company Lori Senecal was included on the list because of her work to “embolden clients” as an advertising executive. Nearly two years ago she was named to a senior leadership position at Crispin Porter and Bogusky where she was given the task of managing the company’s business interests overseas. Over the course of Lori Senecal’s tenure at Crispin Porter and Bogusky she has proven to be a capable leader who leverages creativity to create solutions for brands and companies that trust Crispin Porter and Bogusky to develop ad campaigns that will effectively deliver the right messages.

In a quote she gave to Fast Company magazine Lori Senecal noted that she thought that creativity was something more than an aptitude. She noted that being creative was “a behavior.” Lori has spent her time as the global CEO of Crispin Porter and Bogusky using her creativity to implement distinct advertising solutions for the firm’s clients. Follow her on Twitter

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